Cut storage costs with the UK’s finest document scanning experts

2016 has certainly been an interesting year for the business sector. The Brexit vote, the newly-elected President of the US and the introduction of the base rate interest rates have all set up the next 12 months to be a time of change for businesses owners worldwide. And with such an uncertain and potentially rocky outlook, it is down to businesses to futureproof themselves to ensure they are ready to address these challenges head-on in 2017. And one of the best ways to do this is to look at cutting costs.

Thousands of businesses all over the world are facing increasing issues with documents; as companies expand they get more customers, and legislation requires more information to be kept on file. Therefore businesses are finding it harder and harder to store all of this invaluable data on-site, so often spend thousands on storing files and folders off-site. But there is another way; the Pearl Scan way.

Pearl Scan is one of the country’s leading document scanning companies. With over a decade’s experience working with a range of businesses to help cut down on the amount of paper documents they have, the company has helped to save businesses thousands – a key part of maintaining a competitive edge in today’s market, the company’s director has said.

“Businesses all over the world will be feeling the pressure at the moment,” said Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan Group. “But none more so than right here on our shorelines. The Brexit vote in June, the base rate announcement and now the uncertain future of our relationship with the United States has left many reeling and looking to guarantee the future of their firms. There are a number of precautions businesses can take depending on their individual sector, but cutting down on costs in order to improve profit margins is a universal approach that can have a big impact.”

It has been long suggested that storage budgets have shrunk while the demand for storage has ballooned. As a result, the term ‘going paperless’ has been floating around the business world for quite some time, with many sectors seemingly striving towards it over the last five years or so. Offering a myriad of benefits when it comes to productivity and of course solving storage issues, there is however still a long way to go before paperless workplaces are considered the ‘norm’. And this, according to research is due to a few reasons; but namely businesses simply not knowing where to start.

Naveed, added, “We know it can be confusing for businesses to know where to begin when it comes to going paperless, but with a little bit of research and guidance, all can become clear, and they can start reaping the financial benefits, putting them in a better position during uncertain times.”

Document scanning is not a new invention. Yet it is still often underutilised by businesses the world over. Despite the pluses, there are still many companies that have failed to make the leap and digitalise their businesses. Yet with Pearl Scan, it has never been simpler. The company takes the pressures, stress and hassle out of the whole process by offering a start to finish service. the company offers no obligation, complimentary quotes, can collect paperwork, scan it and either deliver it back to the business or dispose of it securely depending on individual needs.

Pearl Scan explains why digital mailroom services are vital for futureproofing businesses

Technology has transformed the way people live their everyday lives while also overhauling the business world. Helping to minimise errors and automate processes, technology has certainly helped businesses thrive. And digital mailrooms, although a relatively new addition, have been at the front of that change for many firms in recent years.

Digital mailrooms essentially make light work of incoming mail. Employees no longer have to spend time opening mail manually, instead it is sent directly to their email inbox for them to view, action or delete. And Pearl Scan, one of the country’s leading document scanning companies, has highlighted why they have become such a popular addition to workforces around the county.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan Group, says, “Digital mailrooms bring numerous benefits to businesses – no matter what sector they are in or how big the business is. The obvious, and most celebrated benefit, is the time they free up for employees. This time is then able to be used elsewhere within a business, such as helping to develop new ideas that can help it to grow.”

In a progressively competitive marketplace, freeing up employee time is imperative for businesses in order to increase their competitive edge and cement their company. For example if employees are not wasting time undertaking menial tasks, such as distributing and opening post, they are able to use their energy into thinking about new, creative and original ideas that can help to drive a business forward. And what business doesn’t want that?

Aside from giving employees the time and space to get their creative juices flowing, digital mailrooms also reduce operational costs as businesses will no longer have to hire multiple mail room clerks to sort through the post. Reducing the reliance on manual processes, digital mailrooms are more efficient, yet use less labour.

“Implementing a digital mailroom can also bring countless benefits to a company’s customer base by automatically prioritising and sending crucial and time sensitive information in an instant, which can then improve its service levels to existing customers, added Naveed. “A digital mailroom’s bottom line is to bring efficiency improvements by getting customer information to where it is needed within the business quicker than doing so manually.”

With a traditional mailroom, sometimes post can take days to physically reach the recipient. However with a digital mailroom, this information and data is available in a matter of minutes meaning customer queries and requests can be dealt with as soon as possible. Not only does this improve the offering to customers by not leaving them waiting for long periods of time, but can also help to stop them veering off to a competitor.

As if the above wasn’t enough, digital mailroom solutions also work to ensure that businesses are conforming to legal requirements by allowing businesses to capture all documentation as soon as it enters the organisation. It provides secure audit trails for the entire document life cycle and improves the processes when it comes to managing documentation.

In such an environmentally conscious world, one of the most prominent benefits of digital mailrooms are their assistance when it comes to upping companies’ green credentials. Digital processes help to cement companies as leaders when it comes to auctioning climate change thanks to it being the single best place to start a business’ end goal of becoming paperless due to it often the main source of incoming paper.

Experts’ Pearl Cloud helps companies streamline their processes

‘Clouds’ have become a mainstay of modern living. As a result, many can seldom remember a time before files, photos, videos and other documents were available on a cloud. Yet despite clouds offering countless benefits, sometimes a more personal and tailored approach is needed for businesses.

Pearl Scan, the document scanning expert, has underlined the importance of clouds in the modern business world, highlighting its positive effects when it comes to productivity, and has also touched upon its own cloud offering, emphasising the increased benefits when it comes to security.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan Group, said, “Virtual clouds have increased in popularity over the last few years. As the reliance on technology has amplified and paper documents have become increasingly seen as outdated, the business world is rapidly gearing towards a paperless system. And clouds are at the heart of that.

“The rise in the paperless movement and the increased reliance on digital documents has brought many benefits to businesses. Not only has it helped them to streamline their processes, and consequently, given businesses a boost when it comes to profits, but has also helped expand their offering to customers.”

Clouds have been hailed as an invaluable addition to businesses. They allow companies in all sectors to view, edit and save information on the go, from wherever they are; whether it be customer data, business statistics or even lists. Not only does this help when it comes to responding to customer queries, but it can also ensure that information given is accurate. However there is always a risk that this information can be accessed by those it shouldn’t be. But not with Pearl Scan’s added security procedure.

Pearl Scan’s innovative Cloud takes cloud storage to the next level, allowing businesses to access their crucial information whenever, wherever – all with the added peace of mind that access will only be provided to those who are meant to access the information. The cloud is customised for the organisation, with the scanning company handling all business’ needs thanks to each employee being assigned a unique user ID for secure logon. Not only does help to prevent sensitive information being accessed by people it shouldn’t, but it also reassures customers that they can rely on the business with their information – something incredibly important at a time when hacks and information leaks are happening more and more.

Naveed, added, “We have seen first-hand what impact security breaches have on businesses, and we are dedicated to helping them overcome that. And our Halogen Cloud is just one of the ways we are supporting businesses from the ground up.”