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Large format scanning makes big files manageable


In industries such as engineering, building and construction, as well as creative field such as art and design, huge archives of discarded rolls of paper in the form of plans, technical drawings and large scale artworks will often accumulate over time in the working environment. While these oversized files are essential to anyone working in these fields they can be difficult to manage, store safely and are hard to transport when showing them to clients off-site. Document scanning technology has been revolutionising businesses across the country for many years, and large format scanning services mean that these huge drawings and documents can be transformed into digital format, solving these problems and instantly making big files manageable.

Pearl Scan has been offering document digitisation services since 2003, leading the industry in terms of the standard and diversity of the services that it provides. The scanning company offers tailor made large format scanning solutions and plans scanning services, using cutting edge scanning skills, technology and know-how to create highly accurate digital representations of bigger files and documents.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan says, “Whether you are an engineer drafting up your latest project or you are an artist that likes to work on a bigger scale, there are some professions where physical drawings on pieces of paper are necessary, and they must be large for it to be worthwhile. Although this is an essential part of many job roles, the fact remains that these oversized files present many problems when it comes to storage and practicality. Large format document scanning is the answer, giving piece of mind by preserving the information kept on these files while also allowing a practitioner to quickly access their work in its virtual form on any smartphone, tablet or computer when the digital document is stored on a cloud based platform.”

As well as being able to process both one-off document scanning requirements and larger, bulk scanning projects, Pearl Scan offers its client’s exclusive access to its unique cloud based document storage platform, Halogen Cloud once all files have been digitised. Developed by Pearl Scan in-house, Halogen Cloud enables customers to store and access their files to the cloud network, ready to be retrieved from any location. This software, coupled with a large document scanning service can revolutionise the way that many engineering, construction and design firms operate, making it much easier to handle drawings and blueprints of any size. 

Kick off 2017 in a green way

2017 is set to be the year the world ups its game and pushes towards more eco-friendly ways of living. Electric vehicles are on the rise, recycling is increasing all the time and people are now more conscious about using unnecessary energy. Thanks to this heightened importance, it is now imperative that businesses turn their attentions to their everyday processes and look at how they can up their green game, according to Pearl Scan.

The company, which is one of the country’s finest providers of document scanning and management solutions, has highlighted the increasing importance of applying green processes in this environmentally-conscious world, and how doing so can actually help firms to thrive over the course of the coming year.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan Group, said, “Going green may be the latest trend, but it’s a trend with numerous benefits for businesses. Applying green processes to workplaces creates a healthy environment for employees, reduces unnecessary waste, and importantly, as we move forward into 2017, underpins the role businesses play in leading the way for social and environmental change.”

With so many people focussed on the environment, making positive changes within a business can really make a difference to how a company is perceived. It has long been proven that consumers favour businesses with green credentials. Essentially proving that businesses do well by doing good, investing in green methods of working can push a business to the top of the cluttered marketplace and actually enable them to thrive.

Naveed, added, “No one has ever been put off a company because of their pro green credentials, but consumers have been put off by companies who seemingly take little care when it comes to the environment. If you do a bit of research, you’ll always find the companies who make positive changes, such as investing in paperless workspaces or actively going above and beyond when it comes to recycling as they shout about it in their marketing literature and place it firmly in their CSR strategies – and for good reason.”

What makes a good cloud-based document management system?

Whether you are already using a document scanning service or if you are currently looking for a document scanning company to take care of your digitisation requirements, this is only the first step on the road to complete office efficiency. Once the documents such as invoices, HR files or letters have been scanned and transformed into a virtual format, a safe, secure and reliable cloud storage system is needed to manage the files. With a cloud platform, you and your staff can access your files from any device that is connected to the Internet, enabling the age of flexible and remote working while also dramatically streamlining workflows in the traditional office environment. As you browse the many cloud-based document management systems available to you, here are some features that you need to look out for.

No internal administration needed

When investing in document scanning solutions, one of the reasons for doing so is to eliminate the need for manual technical assistance, leaving your office’s working day free to be utilised in a more productive way. So when choosing a cloud storage platform to host your scanned documents it is important to find one that requires no internal administration for actions such as backing up files and system upgrades.

User IDs and custom permissions

No matter how large or small your office environment is, employees from various departments will need access to a different set of documents and alternatively, there will be certain, sensitive documents that must only be seen by particular members of staff. Look for a cloud platform provider that offers customisability, creating unique user ID profiles where various permissions can be set.

OCR/Indexed search capability

When looking for a document storage system to make searching for files easier, your cloud platform must have OCR search capabilities. Without this, searching through an entire company’s library of scanned documents to find the one you need could take up time rather than saving it.

Low cost

Again, just as many businesses invest in document scanning services to save time, saving money is also important and choosing a costly cloud document storage service could be counterproductive.

Why Pearl Cloud?

We’ve developed Pearl Cloud, a unique cloud storage platform that was created in-house by our specialist team to meet the document management needs of our clients. It features all of the benefits listed above and is totally free of charge to any customer that uses our document scanning services. Want to learn more? Head to the Pearl Cloud webpage.

Why businesses using SharePoint can use document scanning too

The case for using a document scanning service no longer needs to be made to many organisations across the UK, and the plethora of business benefits it can bring are now widely known as the technology continues to be utilised by companies from sectors as diverse as HR and medicine. However, although most are aware of how versatile document scanning is in terms of the industries it can be used for, many do not invest in the process due to not knowing its full capabilities for integration with existing systems that are integral to a business’s operations.  

One of these systems is Microsoft SharePoint, now used widely within the corporate world as a way to centralise document and content management. Understandably, when a network such as this is used it is important to ensure that the document scanning service chosen by a company is one that can effortlessly import the data stored in physical files into this modern, virtual system.

At Pearl Scan, we understand this need. As a result, we’ve been refining and improving this technology for over two decades and are able to constantly offer our customers the best possible service. When choosing our team to perform a document scanning service, the team from our dedicated SharePoint department can facilitate the importation of digital data to SharePoint with ease, integrating seamlessly with a business’s existing technological infrastructure.

Specialist systems developed for scanning to SharePoint

We are innovators in the field of document scanning and document management, constantly developing specialist solutions and software to improve our service. One of these solutions is our custom built SharePoint Bulk Batch Importer, which helps our clients upload large amounts of scanned data into a SharePoint document library.

Additionally, all of our customers receive access to a custom Search Webpart, which can be used in their SharePoint system. Using this, the huge amounts of data that has now been uploaded into SharePoint can be easily searched and retrieved in just a few clicks.

Document scanning is unlimited with Pearl Scan

Document scanning technology is rapidly transforming and adapting to suit the needs of the modern workplace. Now it is possible to integrate with solutions such as Microsoft SharePoint in order to help our clients accessed their scanned data in the best possible way that works for them.

If your business uses SharePoint and is looking to utilise document scanning technology, get in touch with a member of our team to learn how we can help.

Fill in the blanks with heritage scanning


Filling in blanks and searching through family trees has always been an interesting past time, but thanks to technology, more people than ever now have access to their family tress in order to discover where they came from, why they look like they do and how they came to be born in a certain place.

Websites such as Ancestry and Family Tree attract thousands of visitors every day just looking to delve further into their past and perhaps come across long, lost relatives. As a result, more people than ever are searching through old family photos in order to upload them onto these sites and help others make the right connections. But old photos are obviously not easily found on mobile phones and memory cards. Instead they are usually tucked away in boxes and albums just waiting to be discovered and uploaded to such sites. However all too often people find that time has taken its toll on these photos and they are falling into a state of disrepair.

Pearl Scan has been a leader when it comes to the digitalisation of documents for many years, but it is also an expert when it comes to heritage scanning in order to preserve historic photos and documents forever.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan Group, said, “There’s no denying that people place a lot of meaning around photos – especially of people who are no longer with us. Websites which are designed to help connect the historic dots and help people discover their past rely on photos to help jog memories and add value to searches. However as photos didn’t become popular until around 50 years ago, often there may only be a few photos of these beloved family members in existence – and these are likely to be in poor condition due to age. This can be heart-breaking for people wanting preserve these memories and if the documents have particular sentimental, or even historic, value.

“Should this be the case, people can either choose to preserve hard copies in themselves through protective storage means or basic scanning, or they can choose to have their archive digitally conserved – which creates a much clearer result.”

The heritage scanning process follows the standard digitisation scanning process. It involves post-scan image processing in order to ‘uplift’ any lost or faint areas or information in order to restore images almost to their former glory. These can then be saved on clouds, computers and even used as device backgrounds – just like any digital photo. However often these images are uploaded to the internet and genealogy websites and used to help others discover more about their past and connect family members to one another – wherever they are in the world.