Survey scanning service helps universities prepare for Semester 1 exam period

Although the Christmas break has been long awaited by university students across the country, this time off from education is not a holiday for some as Semester 1 exam period begins when term commences again in January. While students fit in last minute revision amongst the festive celebrations, universities are also preparing for the up-coming exams with survey scanning services and other document digitisation solutions from Pearl Scan.

Pearl Scan is a leading name in the world of document scanning, using its extensive experience in the sector to form a range of industry-focussed document scanning solutions. This January, universities and similar institutions are using its education sector document scanning and survey scanning services to prepare for the looming busy period of exams.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan said, “Although Christmas is a time for taking a break, this isn’t the case for the world of education as the New Year marks the start of many tests to come! With so much data to handle, the processing involved throughout exam period can be very time consuming and costly for education institutions. But with one smart investment in document scanning solutions, this can be done much quicker and in a cost effective way.”

When using Pearl Scan for its document scanning services, the trusted company offers a fast and secure service to collect the original, paper files from wherever its customer is based. Capable of handling information collected from a variety of physical formats including tests and forms, Pearl Scan streamlines education sector processes, quickly presenting a wide range of data in text-searchable digital formats such as PDF, TIFF, JPEG and more, ready to be used an analysed. 

As well as offering accurate survey and form data capture solutions, documents such as student and staff files can also be scanned as part of Pearl Scan’s education sector services, as well as additional formats such as microfiche and microfilm, often used store archival information. 

Pearl Scan serves businesses nationwide with offices based in Manchester, London and Birmingham, covering the document scanning needs of schools, colleges and universities across the country. 

Has the increase in working from home been pushed along by the paperless movement?

Once upon a time, working from home was considered a novelty. However for many, working from home is now the norm. Earlier this year, official figures by the TUC stated that 1.5 million people in the UK now work from home – highlighting an increase of a fifth in just 10 short years. But what has helped push this trend forward?

Going paperless has played a huge part in home working

Undoubtedly, the paperless movement has played a significant role in the almost unprecedented rise of remote working. Although the paperless movement has been somewhat under the radar for around a decade, due to the increase in importance and continued reliance on computers and technology home working has pushed the idea of going paperless forward, and as a result, the paperless office is now no longer seen as a pipedream with organisations all over the world striving for a paper-free workforce. Bringing a multitude of benefits, paperless workforces have saved businesses millions of pounds thanks to increased productivity and less being spent on paper and ink but to name a few. And now, the rise of remote working is doing the same for businesses.

Going paperless gives staff freedom

Remote working is done daily, whether it be reguarly or on an ad hoc basis to meet the needs of workers, it is a now common practice amongst workers in the western world. Nowadays, companies agree to let staff work from home to help cut down on commuting costs, aid with childcare, and of course, save themselves money on an office space. And moving towards a digital workforce has made all of this possible.

Going paperless gives workers unlimited access

When people work remotely, they have access to all their files, folders and documents at the click of a button. Documents are now saved on clouds and computers themselves, allowing for instant access anywhere and anytime – unlike paper files. If a person wanted to work from home for example, but didn’t work in a forward-thinking, paperless office, and didn’t have the relevant documents with them then this would prove to be nigh-on impossible. And this is where going paperless really comes into its own.

Going paperless increases collaboration

Going digital allows people to collaborate, receive, edit and send work back with ease – no matter where they are in the world – something that paper files just can’t compete with. Which has obviously lead to the question, “Do we really need to GO to work or can we be just as productive – if not more – at home?”

What do you think to the rise in remote working – have you implemented it at your business?

Are you looking to implement a paperless workplace? Find out how we can help.

Things to look out for in your scan on demand provider

Putting your faith and trust in a data capture specialist is a big step and not something that should be taken lightly. Whether your business is an old hat turning its attentions to the modern world or a new kid on the block just looking to streamline, there are certain things you should look out for when hiring a scan on demand provider.

If you’re new to the idea, simply haven’t outsourced your scanning needs before or have been burnt with the scanning light before, we’ve popped some of the most important things to look out for when searching for a scanning specialist for your business.

Look out for: A secure storage facility

Any data capture specialist should boast about their excellent storage facilities. Whether it be an electronic cloud for scanned files or physical storage for hard copies, one of the most important things a document scanning specialist can do is keep their clients’ information secure – regardless of how sensitive or private it is.

Look out for: Qualifications of staff

A highly trained workforce speaks volumes about a business. It is so important for companies to invest in their staff for so many reasons, but making sure they can do the job in hand is right at the top of the list. Investigating how much effort companies put into their staff will help you to decipher their commitment to the industry, their staff and of course, your wellbeing.

Look out for: Pricing

If it’s too cheap, it won’t be good quality, and if it’s too expensive, you’re going to get ripped off. There is no fixed price when it comes to document scanning and scan on demand services, so every company can charge what they want. Make sure you know what you are getting and when you will get it before signing on the dotted line.

Look out for: Real, honest advice

We know it’s difficult to get your head around something you may not know a lot about, which is why it’s important to get honest, professional advice before committing to anything. Any data capture specialist worth their salt will provide you with all the answers to all the questions you have to ensure you are armed with the information to make an informed decision about you and your business.

Are you on the hunt for a data capture specialist? We have over 10 years’ experience working with companies of all sizes to help transform their business and unleash the power of digital. Get in touch with us today