Benefits of Using Audio Technology During Interview

April 6th, 2017


Interviews are tough, especially when conducting more than one in a day. This can lead to papers getting lost or mixed up, ineffective notes and over time the interview can become clouded – interviewers will never remember everything no matter how many times they tell themselves otherwise.

Quotes Can Be Verbatim

When using audio technology such as a Dictaphone during an interview, the interviewer can focus on building a rapport with the interviewee. This makes for a much more relaxed interview and increases the chances of gaining some good quotes. Such quotes can then be used verbatim and decreases the chances of an interviewee claiming they never said something.

Eliminates Poor Note Taking

Poor note taking can lead to important points being missed. Audio recording gets rid of this risk and allows interviewers to take note of every single thing said during the course of an interview.

Makes For a more Engaged Interview

Using audio recording equipment allows interviewers to become more engaged with an interviewee by maintaining eye contact and actively listening in a way that encourages the interviewee to express their thoughts.

Gives Interview Clarity

Audio recording allows an interview to be rewound and listened to again to help gain clarity on a subject. Tone, pitch of voice and speed of speech can be assessed to add depth and dimension to a piece. Words are good for quotes however actions are a better indication of an individual’s true thoughts and opinions.

Files Can Be Used in Libel Cases

It is important for journalists and writers to keep accurate and up-to-date details of all interviews, quotes and contact details of an individual. If someone was to sue for libel then a defendant can use audio files as evidence in their defence. Having such evidence means that writers can report on events without worrying about someone claiming what was reported not to be a true account of what was said.

Can Be Integrated Into Digital Media

Sound files can easily be edited and cut down using software such as Adobe Audition. Such clips can then be used on a variety of other media including videos, presentations, radio shows and online – giving an interview a new dimension and angle.

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