We ofer on demand scanning services, offering the benefits of document scanning at a lower cost.

Scan on Demand Services

Scan documents only when you need | Fast turnaround | Delivery by email or Pearl Cloud

Our scan on demand service enables businesses with all sizes and with all budgets to enjoy the benefits that document scanning can bring.

We developed our on demand services to help organisations that don’t have the budget to scan all of their documents at once. This document scanning solution offers all of the benefits of going digital without the need to commit to one big bulk scanning project.

What are the benefits of on demand scanning?

  • It offers an alternative to getting all documents scanned at once, or simply putting them in storage.
  • You can free up much needed space by storing and only requesting files as and when they are needed.
  • You can reduce current storage costs as we store your documents securely, all as part of the service.
  • A fast turnaround time. Documents are scanned, encrypted and sent to you in 24 hours or less.

How our scan on demand services work

Collection:We collect documents from anywhere in the UK and store your boxes in our combined storage and scanning facility.

Request:You send us a file request via our specialist system. This can be done via your desktop or online.

On demand scanning:We locate, scan and upload your file to Pearl Cloud, our email them to you. You can then digitally access your file within 2 or 24 hours, depending on the scan on demand service you use.

OriginalsThe physical file you had stored with us will then be marked, logged and returned to the original storage box, or securely shredded so it is permanently destroyed.

The Pearl Scan on demand process Scan only when you needed | Fast turnaround | Delivery by email or Pearl Cloud

Types of scan on demand services

We offer two tiers of on demand scanning, to suit your budgets further.
Our premium service guarantees digital access to the file within 2 hours, increasingly only to 24 hours with the standard service.

To learn more about the different levels of scan on demand services we offer, contact us online

Benefits of on demand scanning VS traditional scanning services

  • You don’t pay for the physical file retrieval, delivery and final pickup from your office.
  • You never pay for the same file to be retrieved again.
  • Files can be accesses instantly, with no need to wait for days for files to be returned to you from the storage facility.
  • Quicker access to the files means you can deal with associated issues efficient.
  • You only ever pay for the scanning when you need it.

Why choose Pearl Scan as your scan on demand provider?

The benefits of using scan on demand services are clear, but why should you choose Pearl Scan?

Our scan on demand service is available to all clients in the North West, Central and South East of England as well as across the rest of the UK and Europe.

We offer a fully managed storage and on-demand scanning service to our clients. This means we can guarantee fast response times and accurate delivery of the required scanned files.
We provide secure document storage services, fully equipped with CCTV and protected with the latest in fire detection and 24 hour Redcare security system.

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