HR Document Scanning & Digital Document Management

March 3rd, 2015

HR Document Scanning & Digital Document Management

Filing cabinets may have been an office staple in the past but more and more organisations are looking to unlock extra space in their offices by sending them to the document storage skip.

Human Resources departments in particular are usually over run with paperwork and stored documents but recently, they have been finding quicker and less space consuming solutions in the form of HR records scanning and HR document management.

HR Document scanning has many benefits for human resource offices, from reducing the costs of printing and storing to claiming back office space that was once filled with bulky filing cabinets holding documents. As for the digital document management system, set up to organise HR files, they present lots of advantages;

Files are more organised.

Regardless of how tidy you try and keep the filing cabinet in your office, there is bound to be one time you accidently put a document back in in the wrong place. With a digital document management system, we eliminate the worry of misplaced documents as they will always be replaced in their allocated folder when you are done viewing or amending them.

They can be accessed at the click of a button.

No more searching through files upon files of HR records. You can access the document you’re looking for at the click of a button, leaving more time to focus on your work.

Documents are more secure

We know that confidentiality and security are key in Human Resources Departments. If you want your documents to be only accessed by certain staff, we can implement the highest level of encryption to your documents and you can password protect them.

They can be shared without the need for printing

Whether through email or online hosting, the documents can be shared with the necessary people without any need to spend money on printing or photocopying.

All of these advantages can improve efficiency, reduce costs and save space without compromising on the security of HR records and other HR documents.

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