How Much Does Document Scanning Cost?

February 27th, 2015


How Much Does Document Scanning Cost?

With most specialised services like document scanning services, costs are often not advertised on the company website. This is because a huge number of factors are usually considered before a quote can be made. Here at Pearl Scan, we offer scanning services which you can completely tailor to suit the needs of you and your company so it becomes difficult to give a specific cost before knowing the exact requirements.

However, in this post we are going to provide a rough idea of costings and what factors come together before a quote is given to our clients.

What Needs to be Assessed Before We Put Together a Document Scanning Cost

Firstly, here’s a short list of items that should be taken into account when thinking about the cost of document scanning:

  • Types of documents
  • Quantity of documents
  • Quality of documents (sometimes)
  • How they are currently organised
  • Your requirements for how they are output

There can also be other minor factors, but these are the essential items to keep in mind. Let’s go into some more detail…

document-iconTypes of Documents

The type of documents you need to be scanned such as HR files, admin files and invoices can be a fairly important aspect of the pricing. This is mainly due to the amount of text there is on the pages and the sheet quality. For example, POD (Proof of Delivery) documents can be very thin and more precious so extra care needs to be taken. How much text the document contains is also important because the more content that fills a page, the longer the process may take.

documents-iconQuantity of Documents

As is often found with these kinds of services, the higher the quantity provided, the lower the unit cost is. When coming up with their document scanning prices, most companies will work out the price of each unit on a price ‘per sheet’ (also known as ‘per image’ or ‘document side’) basis which can often come down to pure quantity.

ripped-document1Quality of Documents

This can be a less important factor in a lot of cases but if there are a lot of older documents which are at best seriously dog-eared and at worst torn and in need of repair, this increases time and care needed for the work and, therefore, the cost.



The order in which documents are currently sorted can be a factor in cost. In a lot of cases, documents will be stapled together and will need to be de-stapled. Also, how they’re generally organised, in filing cabinets, boxes or lever arch files, can contribute. Any organisational system can be transferred with relative ease into a digital system but this would have to be a factor in cost.

requirementsExtras & Requirements

There are extras beyond standard document scanning and therefore beyond standard costs but nothing that would bust your company budget.

Indexing is essentially ‘naming’ or ‘categorising’ the document by relevant data such as a reference number, client name, ID or anything else that helps you to identify it. Our service usually includes one indexing field as standard but additional items can add a small cost to each file / document.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a service where the entirety of a document can be made text searchable and therefore every single word and number can be searched across all pages. This is especially useful if you’re looking for an even more efficient digital document management system. This extends way beyond indexing requirements and means you can delve into the document rather than just on the outskirts.

document-scanning-costOk, So What Are The Actual Document Scanning Costs?

As previously mentioned these can depend on exact specifications, but document scanning costs, for quantities that are anything from 10,000 documents and up, are usually in the lower pennies per sheet here in the UK. As suggested before, the higher the volume, the lower the unit cost so we would always suggest you do more rather than less for your costing’s sake at least. For much higher quantities some of the extras above can be very low in cost or even free. It’s all about what you want and exactly how you want it.

Though this is a vague suggestion of document scanning costs and prices, it’s the most open as possible without hearing specific quantities and requirements. Here at Pearl Scan, we pride ourselves on providing a document scanning service that allows you to get your documents scanned exactly how you want.

To find out more information on the document scanning services Pearl Scan have to offer, see the information on our website or get in touch today. For a free, no obligation, quote for your scanning project complete the online form by following the relevant links below.

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