Russell’s Construction Group

April 11th, 2019


Pearl Scan Solutions were approached by Russell’s Construction, with a view to getting a quote for archive scanning of their invoices as part of their implementation of a new document management Workflow solution.
As Pearl Scan are much more than a scanning bureau alone, we pride ourselves as being a one-stop-shop invoice scanning solution providers, dedicated to driving down the costs of storing invoices for the required statutory period of HMRC while improving the efficiency of document management and access.

The challenge

Pearl had meetings with Russell’s Construction to better understand what their company aims and intentions were in respect to the management of their documentation; it soon became very apparent that the huge cost proposed by the Document management software company was not only unnecessary but would actually slow down the processing of purchase invoices by adding an additional steps that weren’t needed as well as overcomplicating the processing of invoices.

The solution

Pearl, after a process of consultations with Russell’s, to better understand the company aims and objectives came up with the following:
Pearl concluded that a simple invoice scanning service with the inclusion of Pearl Scan’s very own complimentary Halogen document management software would meet and exceed all of Russell’s current invoice scanning, digital storage and access needs.
Russell’s agreed to do a pilot as a proof of concept based on Pearl’s proposed invoice scanning and digital storage solution.
Pearl Scan’s dedicated team of scanning providers, produced a simple but effective process for handling Purchase invoices based on the Halogen management software, at all times working with Russell’s to

“produce the best solution for them”

without the need to resort to the high cost and complexity of some of the proprietary software solutions currently available in the marketplace.

The importance of having your invoices processed and scanned gives you and your organisational financial departments great benefits such as reducing costs, real-time cash flow management, work from anywhere, anytime, payments on time, etc. You can begin receiving these great benefits and more from using our Manchester, London, Birmingham and UK invoice scanning services.

For Russell’s, the combination of using Pearl Scan’s document scanning service that includes the process of scanning, capturing and conversion of their invoices to PDF format. The scanned and converted digital invoices could then be indexed with with ledger invoice account including Supplier invoice number, supplier name and invoice date.
PDF invoices scanned to Pearl Scan’s Halogen document management created quick and instant invoice retrieval system, has proved such a success, that the company has started the process of rolling the solution out across all departments and subsidiary companies.