Record Scanning

Record Scanning

Pearl Scan offer a wide range of record scanning services in which we can scan a number of different kinds and sized records. From patient records for the healthcare sector to HR files for companies across the UK, we deal with documents from a wide range of industries including legal, education and finance too.

Our scanning bureau is equipped with the latest scanning technology to help us provide a fast turnaround for all record scanning projects and all of our services are tailor made to suit each individual client so we can scan your records exactly how you need them. We have successfully completed projects for businesses, organisations and individuals wishing to benefit from going digital with their record management.

Benefits of Digital Records Scanning


  • You can free up space usually consumed by hard copy storage.
  • Admin and file management processes will take up less time.
  • Money can be saved on printing, paper and wasted time.
  • Records will be more secure and protected by file encryption and passwords.
  • You can take steps towards a paperless office.
  • You can improve customer services and protect their data better.
  • Office morale may also be boosted due to more productivity.


How We Scan Records

Secure Nationwide Collection- We can collect your records from anywhere in the UK the same, or next day as required. We can also provide A3 size boxes to hold your records securely during transportation.

Preparation- Prior to scanning records, we will remove all fasteners such as paper clips, staples etc to ensure a smooth scanning process while keeping your records in the correct order.

Record Scanning- We will scan records using our high quality, super fast scanners and produce digital records in your required format such as PDF, TIFF or JPEG. We can scan records as small as a till receipt right up to A3 large format drawings and plans in full colour or black and white.

File Indexing (for record archiving)- Once we have scanned your records, they can be indexed by your required field/s. Common choices are file name, date, client name, address and reference number. This enables easier file retrieval.

OCR Processing- We can apply Optical Character Recognition software to your scanned images to enable them to be searched by their contents in your record management system.

Quality Checks- Our scanning services are fully accredited to ISO 9001:2000 standard and our scanning process is always completed under strict supervision. Before the digital files are delivered to you they are check for quality to ensure our high standards are met.

Data Delivery- The scanned images can be delivered to you on CD, DVD, USB, secure FTP or via our online cloud platform, Pearl Cloud.

Original Records- Once you are happy with your digital records, you have three options for your original paper records. They can either be returned to you, shredded and securely disposed of or we can deep store them for a further required period.

Why Choose Pearl Scan

  • We have over a decade’s worth of experience scanning records.
  • We have worked with some of the most reputable companies in the UK.
  • Our custom-built scanning bureau is based around security, safety, confidentiality and scalability.
  • We have the infrastructure to handle small to large scale scanning projects with ease.
  • We cover London, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle and every location in between.
  • We can handle your entire scanning process from collection to delivery so you don’t have to worry.
  • We are backed by a number of external quality and security checks.
  • We provide our record retrieval software, Halogen, free of charge to aid your digital file management.