Heritage scanning digitisation

Heritage Scanning and Digitisation

Digital Archiving Conservation

When you have been storing the only remaining copy of a your documents and archives, in hard-copy format for a long time, it is likely its condition will have deteriorated greatly. This can be disappointing if the documents had particular sentimental or historic value. In this situation, you have two options. You can either try your best to preserve your hard copy in whatever way you can (through protected storage or basic scanning) or you can have your archive digitally conserved. This process follows the standard digitisation scanning process and involves post-scan image processing to uplift any lost or faint information. This service can restore archived historical and antiquarian documents to their former glory or at least close enough.

Family Photos Archiving

With the rise of genealogy websites, such as ancestry.co.uk, more and more people are looking to digitise old family photos, whether that’s in the form of photo prints or unprinted negatives, for other people to view online. Those who have large collections will find it time consuming to scan photos on an ordinary office scanner and it would be expensive to have large collections of negatives developed. This is where Pearl Scan’s family archiving service provides the best possible solution.

Cine Film Scanning and Digitisation

Cine film scanning and digitisation is another service we offer here at Pearl Scan to help organisations and individuals digitise film archives. This service can offer a range of benefits including saving on storage space and increasing the accessibility of the footage. We can digitise a range of formats including regular 8mm right up to larger sized 35mm film.

Glass Plate Scanning

Glass plate negatives have not really been used since the beginning of the 20th century but a lot of heritage collection archives use them to display negatives of events in history. As you can probably guess, glass plates are not the most secure medium to store such important images on so this is why we offer a glass plate scanning service to fully digitise and even enhance the original image. This digitisation will also make your glass plate images available to be uploaded to websites and archives for quick access for those interested. We can cater for small to large scale glass plate scanning projects with conversion to any required format.

Video Digitisation

The world of film has moved on considerably since VHS were the most popular form of film storage and the original video players are disappearing fast. This means it is more important now than ever to digitise VHS to continue to make them accessible for future generations, whether it’s recordings of your now-not-so young one’s first Christmas or an amateur dramatic group’s archives. Here at Pearl Scan, we can digitise videos from a range of mediums including VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Digital 8, Betamax, Mini DV, Micro MV Video, Hi-8 and U-matic.

Audio Digitisation

Converting analogue sound recordings to a digital format can bring a number of benefits including improved access to your recording as well as the peace of mind that your recording will now be preserved in the best possible way away without being susceptible to loss, theft or damage. The latter is one of the most important benefits for our customers in this digital reliant age. Analogue formats are also no longer supported by a wide range of devices making the recordings at risk of getting to the point of being inaccessible.

We can digitise audio recordings from a range of formats including cassette tapes, reel to reel tapes and Shellac/Vinyl records. If the original copy is badly degraded, we cannot promise a perfect quality digital version but we will try and capture as much information as possible from the analogue version. Sound quality can be improved with special techniques to remove background noise etc.

Online Image Sales

If you have completed a photo scanning or digital archive conservation project with us to digitise your prints, we can also offer online image sales for your newly digital images. If you feel your photos are worth sharing and selling to the mass market, we can spread the word to help you sell your photos to interested parties. We can host your photos and related data onto our image sales website and give you complete control over the way your photos are marketed. This service will also give others the opportunity to browse a broad range of fascinating historical photos in the best quality possible. Once sold, we can print your photo in high quality onto a range of top quality materials ready to be sent to the customer.

Flipping Book Digital Page Turning Service

One of the increasingly popular services here at Pearl Scan is our flipping book conversion service. This service allows companies to add a feature to their digital archives that gives the illusion of actually turning the page of a book. Flipping book makes digitised archives interesting and easy on the eye. It helps you to make the transition to digital much easier by giving your archives an extremely manual feeling with all the benefits of going digital. This is a fully bespoke service and you can tailor the style to suit the needs and feel of your project.

Halogen Digital Preservation Software

Here at Pearl Scan we understand the importance of preserving heritage collection archives and with our digital preservation software, you can do just that. Halogen can help you store and retrieve documents safely but with ease. The software can run on a wide range of systems and has a customisable interface so you can have a system that is simple enough that even a computer novice could use it. With Halogen digital preservation software, your heritage collection archives will be stored and kept safe from theft, loss and damage while also bringing you space, time and money saving benefits.

If you would like some more information on the heritage collection archives scanning services we offer here at Pearl Scan, get in touch today and we can provide you with a free, no obligation quote for your scanning project.