An image of a book shelf that is completely full of different sizes of books. We can scan books of all different sizes into readable and editable digital files. Our book scanning service is available in Manchester, London, Birmingham and across the UK.

Book Scanning Services

We have invested in the latest book scanning, digitisation and conversion technology. Using combination of high end book scanners coupled with one of the most advanced OCR and e-Book conversion applications, we deliver highest quality and accuracy in the most cost-effective way possible.

The books are carefully scanned and the images captured either in colour, black and white or greyscale as necessary. Once scanned, the images are then processed and converted to the required image formats, such as PDF, Text Searchable PDF, ASCII Text, MS Word, XML, HTML and even to MS Excel for directories. They are then supplied on a required storage medium such as CD, USB or FTP download.

Typically, our book scanning service is used by the following users and reasons:

Book scanning to Amazon kindle format


Scan their books for easier access and let their work be easily read around the world (Ideal book scanning formats are PDF Searchable, Mobi and ePub).


Convert new editions and back lists and re-publish books to sell them online or print (All e-Book format as well as high resolution TIFF / PDF file in print ready format).


Scan large book collections to a secure but accessible format for others to view on their website (Ideal scanning format is PDF Searchable for Web View).


Create a safe and secure digital archive to preserve their rare and historical books (Typical archiving formats include TIFF and PDF/A).


Scan books to PDF, Kindle or MS Word for their personal use.

Whether you have a regular or antiquarian book, newspapers or the latest full colour glossy magazine, at Pearl Scan we take extreme care in handling your material during the scanning and digital conversion process. Digitising your books is the best way to create digital reproductions of your favourite texts. With the increasing popularity of Kindle, iPad and tablet devices, the book scanning and digitisation market has grown in popularity, as more and more people are putting down the books and picking up a tablet.

Books scanned by an experienced team

We have a specialist book scanning team who is experienced and dedicated to digitising your valuable collection of books to any required digital format. We offer two key digitisation methods;

Destructive Scanning

This involves by carefully removing the binding of the book and using a professional guillotine machine, slicing the glued/sown area by around 5mm. Freeing up the pages from any binding and feeding these through high resolution book scanners.

Non-Destructive Scanning

Also known as In-tact digitisation of books involve careful handling and where necessary using powder-free gloves to handle the books. Read more...

.Having to turn the pages over one by one by hand (Our book scanning bureau does not use any automated page turning technology), on overhead book scanners. The scanner is equipped with two independent cradles which are adjusted according to the thickness, size and binding type.

Once digital images have been produced, these can then be further processed to remove any black boarders, de-skew, enhance and optimise as much as possible. OCR processing and conversion to PDF Searchable or editable Microsoft Word document format can also be applied to scanned images. Find out more about Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Processing.

Our book scanning and conversion team typically scans and converts the following types of books and material;

  • Rare and fragile
  • Large format
  • Bound volume
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Manuals
  • Comic books
  • Manuscripts
  • Journals
  • Diaries

Benefits of book scanning and digitisation

There are many benefits of having your valuable books scanned, here are few which may apply to your needs;

  • Book Scanning for archiving and preservation project.
  • Ensuring a digital copy of the publication is available.
  • Easier access to your books library.
  • Ability to search through high volume of pages in seconds.
  • Digitise to share or sell online.
  • Reduce the weight of carrying books (For many international students and consultants).
  • Digitisation for republication.
  • Scanning to edit the text to re-print or digital publishing.

A book scanning service for rare books

Book scanning in Manchester, Birmaingham, London and throughout the UK.

The greatest of care is taken when it comes to the scanning, digitisation and digital preservation of older, more delicate and hard to find books. These books can also be scanned to PDF as well as editable formats such as MS Word. We place the requirements around the condition of the books, while the speed in which we process them can be reduced to make absolutely sure the books remain in the same condition they came to us.

We treat all books we scan with the greatest of respect, but do understand that there will always be a few cases that need special attention. We use only our most experienced book scanning operators to complete this type of work and ensure they always wear powered free gloves in order to protect the pages and print of your books, which is all part of our rare book scanning service.

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We can scan books to PDF (portible document format) which with free Adobe software is viewable on any type of computer, tablets and mobile devices.

Like a standard PDF, but all the text contained will be readable and searchable.

Converting to Word enables you to edit the content of the publications and prepare for further printing in the future.

This is the most popular e-book format as the Kindle is the most popular e-reader around.

MOBI is short for mobipocket e-book format which was bought by Amazon. With the MOBI format being able to take complex content such as, navigation controls and indexing. MOBI formats are better suited for smaller scareens with it having an image size limitation of 64k.

EPUB is to be considered as the most common type of formats with it being widely supported accross all platformsand and used by thousands of e-readers across the world. With the EPUB format bieng open standard it means that its free and publicly available although it does come with rules regarding it's usage.

The popular iBooks platform is exclusive to Apple's iPad and iPhone.

With the fully interactive flip page format, you can display your files and brochures online or send them on disks.

HTML conversion allows you to display it online as a functional website.

XML provides an underlying technology that makes your information portable across platforms, and applications.

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We offer a free trial of our UK document scanning services. We can convert a section of your project to showcase the qulity of our digital conversions.

We offer a free trial of our scanning services to prospective clients.

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In conjunction with the EN BS ISO 9001:2005, 27001, 14001 and in-house implemented quality, security and compliance procedures allow us to deliver peace of mind scanning services to our client. We are an approved document scanning and data capture scanning service provider to many reputable health, education, manufacturing, financial, logistics etc. organisations.

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