We can scan your legal documents to ensure that you can store and manage them digitally, reducing the need to pay for a physical storage.

Legal document scanning Own a digital archive of your documents

Our Pearl Scan Legal is a dedicated department aimed at providing professional document scanning services to the legal sector. In recent years, our legal document scanning services have become extremely popular with law firms in the UK due to our quick turnaround and competitive pricing model. Choosing to outsource the digitisation of the documents to us, law firms can streamline their workload, improve operational efficiency and save considerable amount of time and money.

Here are few examples of our legal document scanning service: Client files scanning; Case files scanning; Disclosure document scanning; Metadata indexing; Logical unitisation and coding; e-Bible

Document Scanning Process

The document scanning process What we do with your documents

  • Collection

    We provide a secure collection of your documents from anywhere in the UK within 24 hours or as convenient for you as well as we can supply storage boxes and assistance with removing and boxing up your files.

  • Conversion

    We scan and convert all types and sizes of documents to a digital format of your choice such as PDF, PDF Searchable, TIFF, JPEG, Microsoft Word and Excel.

  • Delivery

    We deliver your digital data on a secure storage medium of your choice such as CD, DVD, USB, secure FTP or fully managed Pearl Cloud document management system.

The Process in Depth

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Advantages of scanning legal documents

efficiency icon


Paper documents are inconvenient and take up a lot of room. With a legal scanning service those documents can be digitised and you can take advantage of the ability to share and collaborate.

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Legal admissibility and GDPR requirements are catered for, enabling easy to manage compliance and data confidentiality procedures. We make sure that confidentiality is ensured and take pride in our accreditations.

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Digital files can be stored online on your servers or you can choose our Pearl Cloud fully managed and hosted service. This way the files can be accessed on the go, just as being in the office.

Cost saving

Document scanning and digital document management of legal files can increase efficiency for your staff, allowing more work to be completed in less time and reduce over-heads and ongoing expenses associated with buying traditional printer supplies and maintenance cost.

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Time saving

With a digital legal document management system in place, files can be accessed much quicker and there is no need to look through piles and piles of paperwork thanks to our powerful indexing and OCR text-searchable capabilities. With a more convenient workload comes a more convenient and less stressful day. As everything is in one place with easy search functions, you will be able to cut the amount of tasks you do with document retrieval to absolute minimum.


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Space saving

Documents previously taking up valuable office space can be scanned and securely shredded, leaving more room in the office to utilise for better use.

Secure, flexible and efficient legal document scanning services

Our vast experience working with clients in the legal sector will ensure that your expectations are exceeded.

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If you are still unsure whether our legal document scanning services are right choice for you, get in touch with us and we will gladly answer your questions.

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Additional features We offer a set of additional features for you to choose

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Next day collection

For your convenience, we can collect your files or boxes from your offices anywhere in the mainland UK on the same or next day. If required, we can also supply our secure locked boxes.

Staples and paperclips

To ensure smooth scanning process takes place, we remove staples, paper clips and binding where necessary, before scanning the files.

PDF document icon

Document imaging

We use latest scanners to convert paper documents to digital files, the scanned documents can be supplied to you as PDF, PDF Searchable or TIFF among others.

OCR icon

OCR processing

Scanned documents can be OCR’d to text searchable PDF files, making document searches easy and flexible. The OCR’d data can also be extracted and supplied as CSV, XML or in a database format.

Indexing and coding

The indexation of documents can be carried out at a folder, section/divider or a document level, for example: File details, Reference number, Document title, Name, Address and Date.

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ISO quality checks

To ensure high accuracy and quality service, rigorous quality control checks are applied to all scanned documents and captured data. Our legal document scanning services have been certified to the following standards: ISO 9001; ISO 27001; ISO14001; PCI and Cyber Essentials.

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Storage media

With our legal document scanning service, the scanned data is encrypted and supplied on a suitable storage medium such as a CD, USB, FTP transfer. We have a high-speed dedicated internet service allowing large data files to be securely transferred in short time-frame.

Shredding icon

Secure shredding

Upon successful delivery and approval of scanned files, the paper files can be securely shredded upon our client’s request.

Additional services

Free document management software

If you do have an existing document management system, we can supply our very own Halogen or Pearl Cloud system. Both systems are optional and designed for easy management of document storage, retrieval, confidentiality and security.

The system have been designed with simplicity in mind to eliminate the need of complex installation of software, training and ongoing running cost.

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Scan on-demand

As well as our regular legal document scanning services, we also offer an innovative scan-on-demand service for files which are classified as archived and require very little access. Instead of scanning them all at once, these can be stored and scanned when required on demand bases, making the transition to digital archive with low cost option. With on-demand scanning solution, the physical storage cost as well as file retrieval cost goes down each month

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Start saving time and money

Our legal document scanning services will reduce expenditure of your resources and improve work efficiency.

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Why Choose Pearl Scan?


In conjunction with the EN BS ISO 9001:2005, 27001, 14001 and in-house implemented quality, security and compliance procedures allow us to deliver peace of mind scanning services to our client. We are an approved document scanning and data capture scanning service provider to many reputable health, education, manufacturing, financial, logistics etc. organisations.

    ISO 9001 Registered         ISO 14001 Registered         ISO 27001 Registered         Investors In People         PCI Compliant         Member of IRM     


Founded in 2003, with almost 15 years of valuable knowledge and expertise in delivering successful document scanning and data capture services through the UK to some of the most reputable and globally known organisations.


We operate from a custom built document scanning and data capture centre, which is built around security, safety and confidentiality. The site is monitored 24hours a day by security and CCTV systems.


The document scanning and data capture bureau is equipped with the state-of-the-art dedicated document, Microfilm media, Books and Large Format Plans scanning and capture technology; catering for a wide range of document types and sizes making us a one-stop service provider for scanning and digital conversion needs . We continually invest in our staff training and latest technology to ensure that we are delivering quality and innovations at all times.


Pearl Scan Group has the infrastructure to provide quick turnaround for urgent document scanning needs to taking on a large volume scanning and conversion of documents, microfilm media, books etc. projects. Our document scanning and data capture service centre always run at 80% of its productivity allowing 20% space and resources for on-demand, ad-hock projects.