Powerful Workflow Solutions

These days, more than anytime in the past, we are focusing more on the way that we work. So why not work the right way?

With budgets being tighter than ever and more being expected in less time, it's essential to get on top of your workflow. Our workflow solutions are guaranteed to improve the way that you and your team work in the way they you handle your documents and files. Efficiency is key to getting the most out of how your organisation works and that is what our workflow solutions are intricately made to improve. Take a look at some of the ways that we can help you improve the way that you work:

document-scanning-workflowDocument Scanning

When you oursource your documents to be scanned by us, you can expect that, after careful but timely scanning and precise OCR processing to make your documents readable by computers, the way you work with your documents will never be the same again. Document scanning is currently one of the best ways to improve the way that your staff work with a huge amount of ROI in return on the low cost of the service.

What Scanning Offers

  • More flexibility - search, print and share
  • More space to work in the office
  • Better overall workflow between staff


document-management-workflow-solutionsDigital Document Management Software

The best thing to compliment any document scanning project is a document management software. There are lots out there but we think that our document management software offers the best workflow solutions because its simple to use but powerful underneath, so with virtually no learning curve, staff will be used to the software in next to no time. Improve your workflow with our secure document management software now.

What Our Software Provides

  • User friendly but powerful interface
  • Small footprint on your systems
  • Lightning fast searching


invoice-processing-solutionsInvoice Processing Solutions

One of the biggest problems with a lot of companies is the amount of time they spend on dealing with invoices. With our invoice processing workflow solutions, you can cut this considerably in next to no time. We offer invoice scanning (more information here), or an invoice processing software solution which is both user friendly and effective.

Invoice Processing Modernised

  • Time Saving
  • Software Integrates with all major ECMs
  • Affordable and cost-effective

Microsoft Sharepoint Systems

Our custom systems based on Microsoft's reliable and hugely-popular backend are guaranteed to help you in your quest to handle your documents efficiently whilst combining effectively with popular applications like the Microsoft Office group over the web. Both easy to navigate and secure, our Sharepoint systems are ideal for document management online.

Your own Online Management

  • Extends Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Excellent for true collaboration
  • Export data to Word, Excel and others