Powerful Workflow Solutions

Our workflow solutions use document scanning to dramatically increase efficiency in the workplace.

With budgets being tighter than ever and more being expected in less time, it's essential to get on top of the workflows in your business. Our workflow solutions are guaranteed to improve the way that you and your team work in the way they you handle your documents and files.

Efficiency is key to productivity, and this is what our workflow solutions were made to improve. Take a look at some of the ways that we can help you improve the way that you work:

document-scanning-workflowDocument Scanning

By outsourcing your document scanning services to us, the way you work with documents in the future will be transformed. We carefully digitise all of your documents, converting them to OCR format. With this, time spent searching through physical files is replaced by a quick, simple text search on a computer. Document scanning is currently one of the best ways to increase efficiency in the workplace, offering a huge ROI for the low cost of the service.

Benefits of document scanning

  • More flexibility - search, print and share documents easily
  • More space to work in the office
  • Better overall workflow between staff


document-management-workflow-solutionsDigital document management software

The best tool to compliment any document scanning project is digital document management software. Pearl Cloud is our document management software, offering the best workflow solutions to our clients. It is a simple to use but powerful tool - with virtually no learning curve to battle, staff will be work with the software in next to no time. Improve your workflow with our secure document management software now.

What Our Software Provides

  • User friendly but powerful interface
  • Small footprint on your systems
  • Lightning fast search capabilities


invoice-processing-solutionsInvoice processing solutions

Many companies waste working days dealing with invoices. Our invoice processing workflow solutions can cut this considerably. We offer invoice scanning services or an invoice processing software solution, which is both user friendly and effective.

Benefits of invoice processing using document scanning

  • Time saving
  • Software integrates with all major ECMs
  • Affordable and cost-effective

Document scanning to Microsoft SharePoint

We offer custom solutions that can integrate our document scanning services with Microsoft SharePoint. This means that any business using this system can also use our document scanning services. Both easy to navigate and secure, our SharePoint systems are ideal for document management online.

Microsoft document management integration

  • Extends Microsoft exchange server
  • Excellent for true collaboration
  • Export data to Word, Excel and others


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