Document scanning for project files and folders 

Many offices have many project files stored away in filing cabinets, cupboards and lever arch files that will grow in size month by month. Simply due to storing these archived company project files and client documents, it can sometimes seem as if your office is dominated by filing cabinets, cupboards, shelves and drawers.


Project file scanning - helping the future of the office 

Scanning and digitising project files can save thousands of pounds in office by potentially eliminating hours of time wasted on file searching, file organising, posting, faxing and storage units. The time that was previously spent searching through project files or client folders for specific information can be reduced to just a few moments. Countless staff hours and therefore thousands of pounds that was wasted in searching, sorting, indexing, copying and sending these documents in physical format can be saved with document scanning for project files and folders.


Benefits of project file scanning

By choosing to scan and electronically archive your files and folders, all of that bulky storage space can be converted into one CD. You can then utilise the space for other important office purposes.

Other benefits of project file scanning include:

  • Ensuring all files are backed up safely off-site in case of disaster or misplacement.
  • Relevant staff can look at project/client files while off-site using a private, secure web page.
  • Instant access to any project file on-screen from any PC using a text search.
  • Documents can be emailed, copied, sent, searched and printed from any computer.
  • Eliminating all of the time spent by administration and senior staff on searching through and organising numerous folders.
  • A guaranteed long term return on investment while helping the environment by reducing paper flow


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Keeping files in only a paper format is a business risk. If they are not backed up or all documents are not kept in another format then it can be potentially harmful to the business operations. Fires and floods or accidental loss or damage to documents can be fatal to an organisation.

Document scanning can prevent this from happening.
We have completed numerous electronic archiving projects for many large companies and small enterprises, nationwide.

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