On-Site Document Scanning

Confidential On-Site Scanning Services Throughout the UK

If for any reason you cannot remove certain documents from your businesses buildings for legal reasons then we can offer an on-site scanning solution. This means we transport our scanning staff and equipment to your office and scan and digitise your documents on your premises.

Main Benefits of on-site scanning services

There are many benefits that come from scanning documents at your own offices.

  • You are able to view the progress of the scanning as it is ongoing
  • Documents are kept secure at your office at all times for peace of mind
  • Scanned documents are made immediately available for office distribution

Security of documents

This solution creates flexibility where the client can view the scanning progress and keep confidential files at the office without the worry of them being transported and stored elsewhere. Such documents are usually extremely important and may involve a certain level of security to deal with. As we process highly confidential documents every week in our scanning services bureau it is quite normal to outsource important file scanning services. However some policies will only allow documents to be kept in your building which is where on-site scanning becomes an option.

With the client's full consultation we can set up a mini scanning bureau and manage the entire project from the work place. We send out our team of experienced scanning operator's who work on document preparation, scanning, document indexing and conversion tasks. We put our efforts into ensuring that the transition from the physical conversion to digital smoothly works with your timescales, operations and day to day processes and try our very best to be as discreet as possible. We also operate in a way that will increase the time that it takes for us to scan your documents. This means that we can be done and the job completed as soon as physically possible.

Costs of on-site scanning services

It is usually more cost effective to outsource the exercise to our scanning bureau but in the case that is cannot leave the office under any circumstances, then our on-site scanning services would be the way forward for any office that require such digitising in a short space of time.


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