Convert Books to Kindle and eReader Format


We can convert your hard copy book into multiple ebook formats for online distribution.

At Pearl Scan Solutions we've been in the book scanning and conversion business for 8 years and have converted thousands of books, from recently produced and out of print novels, right back to 17th Century minutes, so you could say we're very experienced in the area. See our book scanning page here for more infomation on that.

Within the last couple of years, we have created a system that allows us to successfully create ebooks of all different formats from original hard copy books. Thanks to the success of the Amazon Kindle amongst other popular e-readers, this is a service very much in demand and one that we deliver in the highest quality. Using our innovative technologies and software, we can produce top quality e-books, with chapters and full headers that can be used and sold on Amazon's marketplace, the Apple iBooks store amongst the many others out there.