Flipping Book Creation


Flipping Book Creation - Converting Books to Flip Books

Have your books and promotional material converted to flipping book

  • Friendly and easy on the eye - easy to view, read and promote.
  • Highly compatible - can be viewed in any browser on any operating system.
  • Apps - Can also be made into applications that work with all Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • Flexible - Share, print and search through pages with useful thumbnails.

Make Your Books and Publications Look Amazing With Our Flip Book Service
If you're interested in finding a solution to get your book or publication online for everyone to see in their browsers or on their mobile devices, look no further than our flipping book service. We all types of books and publications to this and lots of other formats.

The Process from Book to Flipbook


The initial step when converting any book into a flipbook, or any of the other formats that we offer including Amazon Kindle, PDF and Microsoft Word is to scan the book itself.
At Pearl Scan we only use the very latest book scanners to convert your book to a digital format. We can either scan your book intact or, with your express permission, take the book apart and scan the pages individually. The latter choice takes less time and the costs involvedare less, but in a lot of cases, you might need to keep the book intact. Either way the choice is there for you.
quality checking.

Quality Checks

Whilst the publication is being converted, we run checks to make sure that the pages are lined up correctly, that text looks good so that they results look as good as they possibly can.
conversion to flipping book.

Conversion to Flipbook
Once the book is converted to a PDF and all adjustments are made, we would then convert the book to a flipping book. Beforehand we would request your specifications as to what you would want your flipping book to be able to do such as printing, social sharing, full screen and other options all of which are listed in our 'Options' tab.

Set up for viewing
Once the conversion is complete, we would send you a link to view the file to check that you are satisfied with the outcome before sending you all the files you need, via FTP or via CD or DVD.

Here is a list of a number of the options available to you when you request a book conversion to flipping book from us:

  • Theme - Choice of any colour in the rainbow for your flip book theme. This could be similar to your website or branding.
  • Company logo - You can have your company / publisher logo in the top left bar if you wish.
  • Zoom - You can allow readers to zoom in on your publications.
  • Printing - You can allow printing of the publication, particular pages or the current page. Great for promotional purposes!
  • Downloads - Optional downloading of a PDF copy of the flipping book or other PDF.
  • Full Screen - User can select to view the book in an immersive full page environment which fills their monitor.
  • Thumbnails - Excellent for books with images, users can choose the page they want by looking at a small rendering of it.
  • Sounds - The sound of pages flipping can be turned on, off or left out completely if you wish.
  • Social Sharing - Great for promotion, users can share the file with their Facebook friends, Twitter followers and much more.
  • Applications All Round - Converted Publications Can Be Converted To Windows and Mac Compatible Applications.