Benefits of electronic archiving

Managing your budget
Research shows that administration staff spend around 30% of their time organising documents, which costs companies 30% of their salary. And when that figure is multiplied by the number of staff you have, you're looking at thousands of pounds wasted!

Instant access to documents
Scanning documents, such as purchase invoices, client files and purchase orders allows files to be stored in relevant and easy to find electronic folders. Therefore, using a straight forward text search, all of your company’s documents can be easily accessed in a matter of seconds.

Secure and shared access
Office files can be shared on a network between relevant staff with levels of security assigned. Documents can also be accessed from anywhere in the building and even off-site using email or a secure online document hosting service, such as our Halogen Cloud.

Data protection
It is a legal requirement that invoices are kept for up to 12 years. If these are stored electronically this law is obeyed without fears of potential damage such as fire, flooding or misplaced documents. Other documents also have required retention times, and once these are backed up, they can be copied multiple times and stored in different locations.

Up to date record management
Storing paper documents is becoming an old-fashioned method due to the potential dangers associated with record management. It is easy to misplace or damage physical documents within an office environment, however digitising these results in a more secure system meaning should this happen, you can rest assured that they are backed up on a CD or network.

Help the environment
By reducing your paper flow it will help to reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment. By finding ways to reduce paper it reduces the risk to rainforests, while also creating more space in your office which was previously taken up by filing cabinets or storage units.

Additional features of electronically archived documents:

  • Electronic date stamping
  • Online document hosting
  • Indexing
  • Contacts information folder
  • Add notes to files
  • Web links to relevant information
  • Generate reports

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