Document Management Comparison


      SMALL OFFICE       



Low Volume Fujitsu Scanner Aprox 1000 documents per day
Medium Volume Fujitsu Scanner Aprox 8000 documents per day
High-Volume Kodak 8000+ documents per day
Point and Shoot OCR
Zone Indexing
Automatic Full Text OCR in Background or Over Night
Dropdown Lists of Indexed Values
View Original (Unmodified Document)
Audit File Records Changes, Time, P.C. and Login Name
Automatic Detection and Import of Any File Type
Instant Full Screen View
Text View
Thumbnails View of multi page TIFFs
Retain Any Number of Images on Screen
Launch And Control Any Application
View Word, Excel, PDF in window, or Launched
Print, Email or Export Enlarged Section of Image
Automatically Browse Pages
Predictive Search
Fully Configurable Main Window
Automatically Updates From Web or From Local Server
Password Protection for Alterations
Auto Deskew, Despeckle, Crop and Trim
Optional Administration / Security Module for IT Manager
Electronically generated ruler for scale reference on plans
Automatic measuring of scale distance between two points
Development and Support Based in UK
Colour and black & white scanning support
Import of any format electronic document
Comprehensive document referencing and retrieval
Full text search
Annotate using the Notes or image Annotations features.
Automatic barcode indexing
Direct archiving of electronic documents
Direct storage of Word and Excel
E-mail currently displayed image
E-mail selected pages
Automatic storage of any electronic document
Full Network support