Phone book and directory scanning and conversion services


Our directory and phone book scanning and conversion service is a unique solution within the document scanning industry. Over a number of years we have developed applications that allow us to automatically capture data and convert it into a database.

Depending on the source of documents or directory, we can offer the following types of electronic conversion services:

  • Fully automated
  • Semi automated
  • Manual data input


Fully automated directory conversion

The fully automated service is applied to those documents that are printed from a computer or typewriter, for example, in a standard uniform format.
If you have directory that is in hardcopy format containing names, addresses, telephone/fax no's, e-mail or web address then you may wish to convert them into electronic format. With our directory scanning service, a relational contact management database can easily be built which then can be used for contacts, mail shots, letters etc.

Our fully automated service is both cost and time effective and it allows you to have an electronic contact library of all your clients, prospects, suppliers and more. The directory or documents are scanned and then processed with OCR technology. By using our bespoke, in-house developed application the OCR data is then captured, identified and formatted in a database in many formats including CSV and Microsoft Excel.


Semi-automated directory conversion

The semi automated directory conversion service is applied to documents or data that is not fully structured and printed in a standard uniform format.
For these types of documents we can capture as much information automatically by using directory scanning processes, coupled with OCR, ICR and OMR technologies. We then apply our bespoke written applications to create a relational database. Finally, any information that cannot be captured automatically is then manually entered in.


Manual data entry

We offer a manual data entry service where the hardcopy directory or documents are manually typed in to a relational database format.
In our manual data entry service we use unique double key-in procedures to achieve an excellent accuracy ratio and to reduce any mistypes or incorrect entries in the database. Our manual data entry service is also cost effective and we can turn around high volumes in a very short period of time.


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