Comic Book Scanning Service


Amongst the many other types of documents that Pearl Scan Solutions scan and digitise are magazines and comics. There are increasing amounts of collectors and publishers that wish to digitise their old comics and comic scanning is the only proper way to go about it.

Pearl Scan use top of the range overhead scanners (we invested in our latest one in April 2012) to scan rare and fragile documents, books, magazines and comics and graphic novels. Scanners like this are far more appropriate for publications of this nature as the scanning isn't as harsh to the paper to ensure that the comics come back to you exactly how they left you once the process is completed.

Digitising Classic Comics

We use our overhead scanners to scan each of the comics from the exceptionally rare issues right up to modern issues. We take extra care in making sure that they are treated with the upmost respect that they deserve. Our scanning team always wear gloves and take immense care when handling the comics to ensure their condition remains as it was when it first arrived.
The overhead scanners that we use, in effect, take a high quality digital image from about 5 feet above the comic itself. Compared to a normal flatbed scanner, the exposure of light is significantly lessened due to the distance between the scanner and the paper, but the image quality is still of the highest sizing that it can be.
Once each comic is scanned, it was then indexed by date / issue number and provided back to the client in both high resolutions and lesser resolutions versions to use over the internet.

Our Overhead Scanners for Comic Scanning

over head scannerPearl Scan use the latest overhead scanners to scan rare and delicate documentation (we're so proud, we even blogged about it). The scanner takes high resolution images from a distance away from the actual document to ensure a lesser amount of exposure to light while taking an image of around 50mp (mega-pixel) which is crisp and colourful. Scanning staff can complete the process fairly quickly thanks to the latest innovations that come with the scanner and excellent software especially developed for the equipment. Gloves are always worn when handling books and extra care is taken with publications that are tearing or are otherwise on their last legs.