Document Conversion to PDF format


What are the advantages of PDF conversion?

PDF is Adobe's flagship document publishing format. It has become the most widely used format for distributing documents within organisations. One of the secrets behind the success of PDF is the fact that it is portable.
In a world with many standardised formats Adobe PDF is the most compatible and widely used, makes it a tremendously powerful factor. If you want to ensure your documents will be viewable by the largest amount of people at low cost, our PDF conversion service is highly recommended for most people.

PDF conversion - How does it work?

PDF Searchable

PDF Searchable is an additional feature that can be applied to conventional PDF's adding text search functionality to your PDF document.
A searchable PDF document contains a scanned image with a text layer beneath the image. This approach retains the look of the original page while enabling the document to be searched by its contents. The text layer is created using a OCR application that reads the text on each page.

Many organisations have millions of pages of invaluable information sitting on storage shelves with limited accessibility. When faced with the challenge of converting these pages to digital format, the two most important factors are, ease of distribution and an ability to search for documents.

Since much of the process can be automated the PDF Searchable format allows low-cost conversion from paper to PDF files.