Data capture and collection services for medical research and clinical trials

Data Capture services for medical research and clinical trials

We specialise in scanning confidential clinical research forms and surveys, from paper, patient follow-up and survey forms. We also boast automated data capture services to enable the smooth running of departments. Our form data collection and capture services help organisations to manage information more effectively at a time when the number of patients taking part in clinical research in England is increasing.

Our automated data capture services provide speed and accuracy to organisations such as universities and NHS Trusts nationwide. High volumes of hand-completed forms are scanned and captured with clinical efficiency, accuracy and compliance. Clinical and medical research and trials are the longest, most expensive component for any drug and study development process, with a trial involving hundreds to thousands of people and costing organisations millions.

Clinical research data capture services bring a plethora of benefits

Some of the costs are linked to data collection from paper-based forms for clinical research and analysis. With clinical research and trial teams working under pressure to effectively manage their costs to ensure their budgets and timescales are closely monitored, this is one area where our automated data capture service can reduce cost and bring efficiencies within the process. After all, it is widely acknowledged that the clinical development and medical research remains largely a paper-driven process.

Our clinical forms and document data capture and collection bureau can read handwritten forms via a specialist scanner to extract data from individual forms, record marked diagrams as an image, correct errors and validate the captured data before automatically exporting the results to either a CSV file, Excel spreadsheet, XML or to your existing databases.

Key benefits of our clinical research data capture services

Our services help to:

  • Accelerate all phases of clinical research and data gathering process.
  • Reduce in-house costs of manual data input.
  • Minimise staff cost and time spent entering data from paper forms.
  • Eliminate manual data mistakes and improve accuracy to 99.99%.

How it works

  • We collect your forms using fast and secure collection service.
  • We scan the forms to digital image files (such as PDF, TIFF, Jpeg etc.).
  • Our technology captures all types of data such as tick boxes, printed text, hand-written text and barcodes.
  • We ensure quality and check the captured data for accuracy and validity.
  • Information is then exported to CSV, Excel, XML or your preferred format.

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