Unleash important data with audio transcription services


There are many instances when a voice recording is the perfect solution for capturing data. Businesses conducting market research via interviews, legal professionals listening back to statements and journalists catching a story will often record speech in order to capture precise information in a quick and easy way. However, while this initial data collection method may be fast, deriving tangible information from audio files can be incredibly difficult. Document digitisation expert Pearl Scan knows these challenges all too well, and is helping businesses across the UK with its fast and effective audio transcription service, quickly turning audio files into readable text format, unleashing important data.

The renowned audio transcription services from Pearl Scan is just one of the time saving and efficiency boosting solutions that the innovative group offers with its renowned document scanning services, covering everything from invoice scanning automation to employee file scanning, quickly helping businesses of every kind make the move towards paperless operations.  

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan says, “Voice recordings are certainly effective for capturing authentic data, and often there are many things that can be found when listening back to an audio file that will have been missed by anyone making notes on a pen and paper. With our team of experienced, meticulous staff, our audio transcription service can quickly give our clients the full extent of the information that is stored in their voice files.”

Pearl Scan has the capabilities for handling audio files of any type, including CD, P3, MP4, WAV, AVI and DAA, quickly turning them into the text format of the client’s choice. In order to ensure absolute accuracy, inclusive revisions are offered to ensure that each client receives the best possible data. The document scanning solution provider is happy to sign any NDA’s that clients may request, understanding the utmost importance of confidentiality and security for those that it works with.   

Why document scanning is essential for preserving vital business data


We are living in an age where data is becoming far more valuable than any other tangible asset – especially in the world of business. When collected, stored and used responsibly, data that accumulates throughout the day-to-day process of any business such as client records, finance files and HR documentation keeps an organisation operating, while also giving CEOs instrumental insight and information to move their company forwards. Yet if it is lost then this vital business data can cause a vast array of problems for the very company that it is concerning. A recent example of this happened this year, as a social worker who stored a court bundle containing sensitive information on the roof of her car lost the files when driving off.  Digitising files using document scanning services is essential for preserving this crucial corporate data, making it a key process in any modern business strategy.

Document scanning

Document digitisation has come on a long way since it first became widely used, and now machinery and software has developed that makes it possible to scan all kinds of documents. Beyond the simple paper sheet, complex forms such as invoices, spread sheets and reports can be preserved digitally. Business data exists in various formats, and document scanning has the capabilities to cope with each one.

Host data on a cloud platform

Once scanned, the data is securely store on a cloud storage platform. At Pearl Scan, we use Pearl Cloud – our unique document storage and management system. Here, each scanned file is stored safely and securely, safe from environmental factors, loss or damage. Every document processed by Pearl Scan is converted to OCR (Optical Character Recognition) format, making them fully text searchable for easy retrieval. Even if a business’s entire archive is stored digitally via a document scanning service, no file will ever be hard to locate.

Confidential shredding services  

As well as actually digitising documents, part of the data preservation process for businesses involves proper handling of the original files once they have been transformed into virtual format. At Pearl Scan, we offer confidential shredding services to safely destroy sensitive or unwanted documents, while others can be kept in secure storage units for as long as the client requires.

Loss of data is a risk that, in modern times, no business can afford to take. Safeguard your documents with Pearl Scan – learn more about our document scanning service online. 

Digital transformation is essential for businesses to thrive and survive


Although it may sound like a buzzword, digital transformation is essential for businesses looking to gain an advantage over the competition in today’s market, says document scanning service provider, Pearl Scan.

By embracing digital technologies and their use within the commercial and corporate landscape, organizations can strengthen their position by streamlining their environment, reducing costs and helping staff become more efficient in storing, sharing and communicating information.  

Over past decade we have seen the steady decline of traditional paper mail in the place of emails, particularly for businesses, so would it be a natural progression for all paper documentation to become redundant in favour of digital alternatives?

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan says, “One of the key changes a business can expect when looking at digital transformation is the process of becoming paperless. Not only does this help eradicate human error such as the loss or misplacement of important but fiddly bits of paper which are crucial to running a successful business, such as receipts or proof of delivery notes, but it allows employees to access information easily, even if they are away from the office or need to access documents at the same time. The clear majority of businesses are already digital when it comes to their communication, but the most successful ones are applying this elsewhere within the way they operate.”

Going paperless is an inclusive concept that has the potential to benefit a vast number of industries, with electronic patient record scanning aiding the medical sector, employee file scanning revolutionizing HR departments, and legal professionals keeping on track of a client’s case notes with greater ease and convenience thanks to legal document scanning services.

Pearl Scan offers an innovative, on-demand paperless office solution using the latest machinery to scan information including books, documents, Microfiche and more, transforming them into high quality PDF, TIFF or JPEG files. Helping companies of all sizes to update the way the handle their documentation, Pearl Scan liaise with businesses on what format works best for them, how they want their digital files categorised and indexed, making the process of digital transformation simple.