Ikea: A world without books


A world without books: Ikea redesigning its bookshelves

Steve Wright takes a brief look at why Ikea is making its bookshelves less for books...


It's interesting to know that one of the world's biggest selling furniture manufacturers and closet King of Scandinavia, Ikea is actually building bookshelves not made to house books anymore. You could therefore argue that the bookcases that we are seeing are in actual fact cases...which means they're just storage cabinets, but no, these are in actual fact being marketed as bookshelves (it seems that the word has grown a meaning of its own). The new Ikea bookshelves, first talked about by Gizmodo and The Economist in a terrific article on the state of digitisation and books, will be deeper and more display orientated.


Next month IKEA will introduce a new, deeper version of its ubiquitous "BILLY" bookcase. The flat-pack furniture giant is already promoting glass doors for its bookshelves. The firm reckons customers will increasingly use them for ornaments, tchotchkes and the odd coffee-table tome-anything, that is, except books that are actually read.



It just shows that the times they are a changin' as a great singer-songwriter once said over 50 years ago. I had a few of his CD's too, until I decided to digitise them too. Didn't see that one coming, did you Bob?

As I've mentioned before, books won't die, despite the rise of the Amazon Kindle and Apple iPad, but there will be significantly less of them around to blow the cobwebs off.   If you're interested in having your books digitised, please visit our book scanning page for more information. Or give us a call.


Paperless Companies Saving Millions

American Airlines' Switch from paper to iPads is now saving millions

Following American Airlines' success last year using iPads rather than piles of documents in their cockpits to reduce their pilot's baggage by as much as 35 lbs. The company has now extended the scheme to their flight attendants too.

Never has a paperless workplace been more cost effective than when the reduced weight almost instantly saves money. Not only will the introduction of the iPads reduce excess weight on the aircraft (thus reducing the extent of fuel needed) but it will also promote a much more efficient service for the customer. There will be now be no need for flight attendants to sift through piles of documents to find the information they need. They simply need to key in a search on the iPad and the information will be at their fingertips.

Now, figures wise, American Airlines' switch to paperless documentation in the cockpits is rumoured to have saved them over $1 million and replacing their paper handbooks with iPads for the flight attendants could save them in the region of $300,000.

Those aren't the only benefits, the reduce in paper and use of less fuel will also be incredibly environmentally friendly which is why many clean technology and environment lovers are endorsing the steps American Airlines are making to show that they are an eco-conscious company.

This can only be marvellous news in the paperless world when such a huge player in not just the airline industry, but business throughout the world, is potentially taking such a massive step. In turn, other airlines and technology giants are looking to follow suit in phasing out paper where it is unnecessary.

Many may argue that the energy consumption and poor battery life of the tablets will weight this problem down (excuse the pun), but when compared to the amount of paper weight the flights will have less of, the argument sways in the tablet's favour.

More and more companies are going paperless each and every year, and thankfully so are some of the big boys. At Pearl Scan we welcome ideas like this that are changing the world for the better, as well as improving companies efficiency, space and, in this case, weight-saving capabilities.

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How paperless billing can save your money

Consumers are going paperless, paying more bills online, and many businesses are following suit . Still some businesses are holding back. Why should businesses make the transition now, and what is the best way to do it?

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