Reduce storage cost and digitize your files

Store-to-Scan: Another option to reduce storage cost and digitize your files

Our store-to-scan model has revolutionised the way an organisation store documents. Our innovative process can help your company save in storage cost and retrieval costs.

This is how Store-to-Scan works

We collect your document boxes, from your offices or from your storage provider anywhere in the UK, we store the boxes in our safe warehouse facilities free of charge.

Based on your file storage period, we start scanning the most recent files and shred without scanning the expired files.

For example if your file storage period is 6 years and you have files in the archive dating back to 2008. We will start scanning the most recent year's files from 2014, then 2013, 2012 and shred the year 2008 files without scanning in 2015 and year 2009 files in year 2016, and 2010 files in 2017. So in three years the latest three years files will be scanned but the oldest three years shredded.

So in three years, you will eliminate the total cost of storage as well as will have received three years free storage service and spread the cost of scanning over three years.

Typically we scan the following types of documents:

  • HR Records
  • Legal Documents
  • Project Folders
  • Customers Files
  • Legal Case File
  • Property Files
  • Delivery Notes


Pearl Scanning Company has different document scanning solutions that can be tailor for your company's needs. We provide record scanning solutions and record management solutions throughout the UK, no matter how small or big the project. We are a document scanning company certified ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 14001, find out more about our record management certifications.

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Top 10 Document Management Innovations

The 10 Most Innovative Moments in Document Management

American document management provider Cintas Corporation created a list of the top ten moments in the history of document management. Yes, you heard that right, they took the entire history of document management and picked ten moments of brilliant innovation.

The interesting article was written in 2012 to celebrate their tenth birthday as a company. While you might expect the list to consist of the best innovations in document management software, they have taken it way back as far as 5000 BC.

The top 10 ranges from the 'original tablets' made from stone in 5000 BC right up until the birth of the internet in 1982. These are all great and monumental moments in the history of document management and, given the opportunity to develop the list, others might have included things like the ability to copy effectively between folders from within a single piece of software or the ability to have admin users which can decide which staff accesses what files and other features that came with the development of the internet and the digital age.

One entry which did make it to the list was OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Although seen as a modern innovation OCR was actuallyocr-search first developed in 1914, nearly 100 years ago. It makes for a truly fascinating read as we are told the origins of OCR and its development into the software we use today at Pearl Scan.

Other less technical entries are also included like the eraser, which you may be surprised to learn was created in 1770! Technology has definitely moved on since then with companies given the option to store documents digitally and have hard copy documents scanned and digitised to reap a number of benefits.

Here at Pearl Scan, we offer a hugely successful range of document scanning and document management services. For more information and for a free, no obligation quote, get in touch today.

Survey scanning service helps universities prepare for Semester 1 exam period

Although the Christmas break has been long awaited by university students across the country, this time off from education is not a holiday for some as Semester 1 exam period begins when term commences again in January. While students fit in last minute revision amongst the festive celebrations, universities are also preparing for the up-coming exams with survey scanning services and other document digitisation solutions from Pearl Scan.

Pearl Scan is a leading name in the world of document scanning, using its extensive experience in the sector to form a range of industry-focussed document scanning solutions. This January, universities and similar institutions are using its education sector document scanning and survey scanning services to prepare for the looming busy period of exams.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan said, “Although Christmas is a time for taking a break, this isn’t the case for the world of education as the New Year marks the start of many tests to come! With so much data to handle, the processing involved throughout exam period can be very time consuming and costly for education institutions. But with one smart investment in document scanning solutions, this can be done much quicker and in a cost effective way.”

When using Pearl Scan for its document scanning services, the trusted company offers a fast and secure service to collect the original, paper files from wherever its customer is based. Capable of handling information collected from a variety of physical formats including tests and forms, Pearl Scan streamlines education sector processes, quickly presenting a wide range of data in text-searchable digital formats such as PDF, TIFF, JPEG and more, ready to be used an analysed. 

As well as offering accurate survey and form data capture solutions, documents such as student and staff files can also be scanned as part of Pearl Scan’s education sector services, as well as additional formats such as microfiche and microfilm, often used store archival information. 

Pearl Scan serves businesses nationwide with offices based in Manchester, London and Birmingham, covering the document scanning needs of schools, colleges and universities across the country.