Don't Let New Media Give You Writer's Block


Don't Let New Media Give You Writer's Block

As we have seen, there has been a significant rise in the popularity of ebooks for readers but a recent article has suggested they could be a revolution for budding writers too. 

Bill Rogers initially tried to get his stories published through print-based publishers but found many stumbling blocks so he decided to go it alone and publish them himself as ebooks. He is now making enough wage to live on (even without his pension) all through embracing new technology.
Advantages of publishing through e-books

While Rogers stated one disadvantage of e-books is that you cannot receive nominations for 'conventional literary awards' and that your proof-reading MUST be up to scratch, there are advantages that far outweigh the disadvantages:

  • You can eliminate the cost of printing>
  • You can publish almost immediately rather than waiting 18 months for a printed one
  • Your e-book can reach the far corners of the globe at the click of a button
  • You can receive instant feedback
  • You can link readers to your other works instantly

The increased popularity of e-books means you can now reach audiences further afield with your work as an ebook than you ever could with a printed one.
Scanning and converting a printed book to an ebook format can often be difficult which is where Pearl Scan come into it.

We offer a bespoke book scanning service to convert your printed book into digital format. We scan books into a large range of formats including PDF, PDF Searchable, Word, Amazon Kindle, ePub, iBooks for iPad/iPhone, Flipping Book, HTML and XL.

We eliminate the worry of converting your work to e-book so you can concentrate on creating the newest literary masterpiece. If you have a printed book you need converting to e-book format then get in touch today.

Space Saving Solutions- Aperture Card Scanning

space saving aperture cards
Saving space has been a hot topic for a long time but before you start investing in the latest foldaway furniture, take a look at those boxes of aperture cards instead.

Space! It’s out of this world

So you’re looking for a space saving solution for the office and who can blame you? It doesn’t come cheap, especially in London where office space is some of the most expensive in the world. This has led a lot of businesses to look for ways they can reduce the amount of space they need. Bizarre contraptions and pop up offices are now regular occurrences and anything that reduces the space needed to run a successful business seems to be a good thing.

Use It or Lose It

On the other side, there is sometimes the view that if you are renting space at a premium rate, you need to use every inch of it. This is not true as airier and brighter office can actually bring more profit in the long run with higher office morale resulting in better productivity.

A Better Solution for your Aperture Cardsaperture card

If you’re still storing aperture cards in boxes around the office then you’re missing one glaringly obvious space saving trick.

Aperture cards are rarely used anymore with the business world increasingly utilising digital technologies. This has resulted in a lot of companies scanning their aperture cards which helps to free up space while also letting them deal digitally with the files that were previously only able to be viewed on the cards.

Other benefits of going digital with your aperture cards include;

  • Instant file retrieval
  • Easier file sharing capabilities
  • Reduced or even abolished storage costs
  • Off-site file access
  • Files are protected from loss, theft and damage

Pearl Scan Can Help

Here at Pearl Scan we recognise the importance of using space efficiently and we provide digital solutions to help you deal with your files in a more efficient and cost effective way. Our aperture card scanning service is completely bespoke so you can tailor it to suit the exact needs of your and your company.

We can scan aperture cards to TIFF, PDF, JPEG or any other format you require and we can provide your digital files fully indexed and OCR processed to make it easier to retrieve the file you need, when you need it. We offer a one stop service right down to the delivery of your documents and we can even set up an image management system for you with our software, Halogen.

For more information about the aperture card scanning we do here, take a look at our dedicated website and blogs or give us a call for your free quote.

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Could bulk patient record digitisation kick-start better digital practices in healthcare?

Back in 2013, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt set the NHS the target of achieving a paperless operation by 2018. This was one of the many ambitious plans for improvement of the service within the Five Year Forward View. However, with only one year left to reach this target, ‘paperless’ is still not the standard procedure within the sector, making the realistic date of completion seem much further away. Amid reports of resistance for patient record scanning and other electronic processes, could bulk patient record digitisation kick-start better digital practices in healthcare?

A Care Quality Commission Report on a London-based hospital noted poor use of its electronic patient record system, resulting in missing and out-dated patient information. With this being just one of many examples of other hospitals and surgeries across the country that fail to embrace the move to paperless, a new approach is needed to stay on track for the 2018 target. Embarking on mass medical record scanning services could be the push the sector needs, acting as the first step towards implementing better practices in the future.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan agrees that this kind of action is needed. He revealed, “Switching over to any new way of working is never easy, especially in an organisation like the NHS which is so large and complex. In order to keep the entire company at the same level, they must give it the framework it needs to build upon itself, rather than watching different institutions progress at different rates – which is exactly what is happening.

“To start, investing in a large-scale, outsourced bulk medical record and document scanning service is essential to quickly and effectively digitise all existing patient records. Once the initial, laborious work has been done, it will be easy to follow on from that and maintain these digital practices.”

Once in place, a paperless NHS is thought to be able to save the healthcare organisation billions. While this initial statement was made four years ago, the need for such savings remains critical in order to sustain its services, making support of this digital drive imperative.