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4 simple ways to streamline your HR department

Streamline your HR departments with HR document scanning and management from Pearl Scan

Every manager and business owner strives to offer the facilities for their staff that enable them to streamline their processes and increase efficiency in the workplace. This is no different for HR departments across the country - an integral part of every organisation regardless of which industry it operates in. There are numerous ways to streamline a HR department (and HR files scanning is one of them!). Alongside investing in better HR document management procedures, here we have rounded up some simple ways to streamline your HR department, to reap the business benefits in the future.

Consolidate systems

A HR manager’s role may cover many duties including but not limited to: Payroll, staff training, recruitment, relationship management and more. Because of this, you may operate using various systems and packages on a daily basis, which increases costs, is time consuming and is detrimental to efficiency. Investing in one, central system or database that can help you to complete all of your duties will improve the workflow for your staff.

Reduce reliance on paper documents

Similar to the first point, relying on paper documents that are stored in various places around the office can also waste valuable time for your HR staff. Instead of using large volumes of paper documents and files, digitise and store them using a cloud based document management system. This will give your team access to all HR files whenever they are needed, at the simple click of a mouse.

Clarify your strategy

An effective team is one that is heading in the same direction, and using the same processes to get there. Without a clear strategy, time may be wasted due to staff using various disjointed methods to complete tasks, holding each other up and blocking other team members from getting their jobs done on time. Clarify your strategy in order to create a more streamlined environment for your HR staff.

Share ideas, but don't block them

Team meetings can be both a blessing and a curse for offices around the country - while they are a good way to keep up to date with your team, holding too many or too long meetings can prevent your staff from completing their tasks for that day. Hold a meeting once a week, at a set time so that people can plan their schedules around it. This meeting can be used to identify any problems your employees may be having, so that steps can be made to put them right.

Investing in a high quality document management system is one way to streamline your HR department, alongside these other techniques. Get in touch with a member of our team today to learn how to implement such a system.

Leap into the new financial year profitably with invoice data capture

Accounting and finance are at the heart of every business - no matter what the sector

As the UK business world is set to be tested as the country enters a time of uncertainty, now is the time to overhaul the way finance departments work. And one of the most efficient ways to do this is by moving to the ever efficient paperless way of working - according to one of the country's largest document scanning specialists.

Pearl Scan has over 15 years of experience working with businesses all over the UK. The company offers intelligent solutions for helping businesses make the transition to paperless ways of working, and their invoice data capture service has proven to be one of the most valuable. And as April fast approaches and a new tax year looms, now is the prime time to make these streamlining, and often business defining, changes.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan, said,

“Although the economy is looking healthy at the moment, there are concerns that as the Brexit wheels start turning, it could put pressure on businesses over the next few years. However despite every company wanting to streamline and make positive changes where necessary, the idea of overhauling paper processes and turning them into digital ones is often overlooked for numerous reasons.”

Typically when buyers receive paper invoices from their suppliers, they have to manually key this into their own accounts or finance system. As with every manual process, this can prove to be extremely time consuming and expensive – accounting for up to 75% of a worker’s time. By using a specialised invoice data capture service however, this time can be freed up, allowing workers to focus on other financial aspects and perhaps help it to grow going forward into the 2017-18 financial year.

Naveed, added,

“All too often people assume that digitising a way an organisation or department is run will be too disruptive and expensive. But this is far from the truth – if they choose to use specialist scanning companies.”

Large format scanning services – explained

When discussing the subject of document scanning, many businesses or industries may automatically ‘count themselves out’. Sectors such as education, medicine or engineering may feel as if it will not be possible for them to invest in document scanning equipment or to use a document scanning service due to the fact that they do not handle standard paper sizes or formats on a day to day basis.

However, document scanning and digitisation technology has advanced and expert businesses such as Pearl Scan have leading document scanning machinery as well as highly trained staff in order to be capable of digitising documents of all shapes and sizes. As part of this offering, we provide a large format scanning service, created with the needs of construction, design, engineering, surveying companies and more in mind.

 What are the benefits of large format scanning services?

Ultimately, scanning large files such as engineering drawings, technical products drawings or original artwork means that these oversized, cumbersome documents can be easy to store, access and use within a businesses daily workflow. While still keeping the original file safe, having a digital copy means that staff need only take a laptop, tablet or USB stick when visiting clients to show them their work, rather than bringing many large sheets of paper that could get damaged or lost during transportation. What’s more, sending these files remotely for review can be done at the click of a mouse.

 What types of documents are eligible for ‘large format scanning’?

There are no limits to the size of documents we can scan. Many construction companies use our service for plans scanning applications, but the opportunities really are endless. Here are some of the documents we have scanned in the past:

  • Local area maps
  • Technical drawings/blueprints
  • Pieces of art/illustrations
  • Railways plans
  • Paintings
  • Construction drawings
  • Electrical circuit drawings
  • Ordnance survey maps

A large format scanning service can quickly make even the largest document manageable, providing you with a high-resolution copy of the document in TIFF, PDF or JPEG format as well as .DWG and .DXF format, perfect for a range of business, industrial or personal uses.

Although the types of files that this document scanning service can handle are vast, the process is incredibly simple. You can read more about the collection, scanning and delivery process on our website.

If this post hasn’t covered everything you need to know about large format scanning, a member of our team will be happy to help. Get in touch online, by calling 0845 225 5923 or by visiting the dedicated webpage today!