Drowning in Invoices? There’s Just One Solution, Invoice Scanning

A person searching through invoices sections in a draw of filing cabinet. We have a solution for your invoice file management issues. Invoice scanning. Our invoice scanning services are in Manchester, London, Birmingham, London and throughout the UK.

Whether dealing with hundreds or thousands of accounts payable and purchase ledger invoices on a monthly basis, time spent processing data and searching for past invoices is time wasted. Converting your invoices with an invoice scanning services can free up your time and more advantages

Some hire specific staff to deal with invoices and key the information into huge databases then file the documents away while others try and do the job between the work they are actually paid to do. The process is time consuming and the storage costs can rack up massively. The storage system is also inefficient when it comes to file retrieval and many an hour can be wasted searching for misfiled invoices. This is where invoice scanning holds the upper hand.

Advantages are not just being to find a file quickly, Invoice scanning can help modernise your office from top to bottom

Lots of ring binding folders together that are full with invoices. Ornaganisations are now having all these invoices scanned into a digital file so they can be stored securely online. Our invoice scanning services in Manchester, London, Brimingham  and throughout the UK, can give you the oprion to instantly find, share and store your digital invoices.
  • Digital invoices take up only virtual space so you can abolish extortionate storage costs or free up much needed office space.
  • It is much easier to find digital document through a simple text than to have to search through filing systems.
  • You can also share these documents with relevant parties at the click of a button.
  • This quick sharing doesn't mean just anyone can view the documents though as you can password protect and encrypt the files for extra security.
  • Office efficiency will be increased and more jobs can be completed in a shorter space of time.
  • With the newly organised system and freed up space, office morale can be boosted.
  • Money won't need to be wasted on extra staff to handle invoices as they can all be handled digitally.

An invoice scanning process

Adopting a digital invoice processing system is simple. Firstly invoices need to be gathered and fasteners removed. Then the invoices need to be scanned using a high quality scanner. The scanner will capture all of the data from your accounts payable and purchase ledger documents and display them as an image. The images should then be indexed and OCR processed to make them text searchable. We recommend indexing them by a number of criteria including invoice number, date and supplier name. The files should then be converted to your necessary format and checked for quality. Once you are happy with them, they should be placed onto CD, USB or DVD or hosted over a shared network or in a cloud system.

I know what you're thinking...that sounds like a lot of work, I just don't have the time or budget for that kind of work!...Have no fear, We are here to lend a helping hand.

Our invoice scanning and invoice processing service

Here at Pearl Scan we offer invoice scanning and invoice processing services to assist companies in going digital and take away the worry of having to complete the scanning project themselves. Our services are affordable yet effective and our process is safe and secure with a quick turnaround. With our flexible services we can cater for small to large companies with a range of budgets. Our invoice scanning process works exactly like the one above with the added extra of the use of our document management software, Halogen.

For more in-depth information about scanning invoices and our invoice data capture services, browse our website and blog articles or get in touch with us today. We can even offer you a free, no obligation quote for your scanning project after completing our online form or giving us a call now.

Scanning archive files integral to preserving vital human history

The importance of keeping historic files safe is something that has been understood for centuries. As a result, there are many expansive libraries across the world that act as archives for these crucial files, manuscripts and photographs. However, in order to keep these ancient, delicate documents safe they must be stored in increasingly strict conditions. As this becomes more difficult, with these files becoming even more delicate over time, document scanning and digitisation could hold the key to passing this information on for decades, preserving such files forever.

Its potential is now understood by the masses, as was shown by a recent Kickstarter campaign by Stirling University. After an archive of books, photographs and notes taken by black rights freedom fighter, Peter Mackay - containing 30 large crates of documents he created during his time liberating people in colonial Africa - was gifted to the institution, it launched a crowd funding campaign to raise the funds needed to digitise such files. Noting them to be of ‘international importance’, and maintaining them seen as ‘invaluable’, storing them in digital format using document scanning is seen as the best way to keep such records safe, and available to be viewed by the public.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan said, “For many years, keeping historic files in dedicated storage facilities in a controlled environment has been the only option. However, as these files become older, the challenges increase when looking to preserve them. We find documents from hundreds and thousands of years ago fascinating now, imagine how incredible they will be to human civilisation a thousand more years from this day! In order to give them this privilege, we must adopt a new approach.

“Document scanning is capable of capturing information from even the most sensitive documents without causing damage. Once done, this data can be stored in virtual format, meaning there are no limits to who can view it. Rather requesting special permission to handle delicate files, using document scanning could make these important files available to anyone, anywhere across the world who wishes to view them – just imagine the possibilities that could bring!”

Scanning archive files is fast becoming the ‘go-to’ method for institutions and individuals across the world when faced with the responsibility of storing history-critical data. Document scanning experts such as Pearl Scan provide the facilities and capability to do so.

Digital document management solutions revealed as ‘golden secret’ to productivity in virtual age

Finding the biggest threat to productivity in the workplace is a battle that many managers and business leaders constantly fight. However, research has revealed the true obstacle to ultimate efficiency. Managing digital documents was noted as the biggest hurdle to overcome, placing intelligent digital document management solutions as the ‘golden secret’ to productivity.

This news comes as results of a global survey by IDC from 2012 are highlighted, five years following from its initial release. Published in a whitepaper named ‘Bridging the Information Worker Productivity Gap: New Challenges and Opportunities for IR’, IT professionals from across the world revealed that challenges faced when working with documents were responsible for the most time wasted during the working day. As the findings are revisited, the need for streamlined virtual document management systems is amplified in an age that now relies on digital forms of communication more than ever, not only in the IT industry but across the entire business landscape.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan said, “Although most job roles now rely on information in the form of digital documents to complete their daily tasks, they are also the biggest burden to productivity. An intelligent document management solution is key to overcoming the many obstacles they present.”

Amongst other findings, research by IDC revealed that the average business wasted $19,732 per worker, per year due to issues relating to working with and managing documents. Five years later, these costs are surely greater, with digital documents forming an integral part of almost every employee’s working role.

Switching from dis-jointed, outdated or non-existent document management solutions to sophisticated cloud-based digital document management platforms can hold the ‘golden key’ to productivity that management seeks to find.

Pearl Scan is a trusted name in the realm of document digitisation, using this expertise to develop Pearl Cloud, its own cloud-based document storage and retrieval platform, offering the much needed solution to modern day document management issues.