X-Ray Scanning

February 27th, 2015

The Growing Need for Digital X-Rays

It really goes without saying that making almost anything digital makes it more accessible and arguably better. X-Ray scanning has become an increasingly popular edition to the digitally enhanced family here at Pearl Scan with more and more projects coming in on a weekly basis. But why is this?

Since the NHS were challenged to go digital by 2018, they have been taking every step they can. In doctor’s surgeries it should be possible to book an appointment for any surgery online by next year and medical records are continuing to be switched to digital to increase efficiency in healthcare. Now, choosing X-Ray scanning has become an increasingly popular choice for hospitals throughout the UK. You may think that there is some extremely complicated or financial reason for it, but the fact is that the majority of health foundations looking at having X-Rays digitised is for the same reasons as most companies do; to save time for both the professionals and their patients and cut costs on storage space two name but two.

Doctors and nurses have already taken full advantage of iPads and Dictaphones in the workplace according to Computer Weekly. The plan was said to “change the way the staff work” according to Duncan Robinson who was associate director of ICT at South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust when the scheme was introduced in 2012.

“Whether in an acute or community setting, there is significant duplication of information. Paper can’t be in two places at once. Ultimately, flexible, simultaneous electronic access to the latest patient information will free up clinical time and improve patient care.”

Robinson stressed that the main benefit they were looking for from going digital was accessibility as the “aim is to be mobile”.

The project was implemented in January 2012 and was expected to last around two years.

What this signified was an increasing reliability on the convenience, ease of use and cost saving aspects of modern technology and this spans from paper use right up to the likes of X-Rays and medical records. If they’re accessible from anywhere then it immediately becomes easier to diagnose cases and potentially save thousands more lives each and every year. If a specialist is at another hospital or is on leave but is urgently needed for a second opinion, they can access the files from where they are or via their email, increasing the efficiency of the trust.

The list of x-ray scanning benefits could go on forever and we at Pearl Scan believe this can only be a positive thing. The medical industry is changing vastly, along with most other industries out there so x-ray scanning may no longer be considered a convenience but more of a necessity. We are an x-ray scanning company so if you would like some more information about the x-ray scanning services and patient record scanning services we offer here at Pearl Scan, get in touch today and receive a free, no obligation quote by following the relevant links below.