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X-Ray Scanning: Save Space, Save Lives

X Ray Scanning


More businesses are realising their true potential by embracing the digital revolution, and choosing to digitise their documents. From electronic invoice systems to implementing a digital mailroom, there are lots of ways for companies to improve efficiency and save office space. However, most people aren’t aware of the possibility of digitising X-ray scans – or the benefits of doing so. Here’s our ultimate list of advantages of scanning X-rays, and why we think all organisations which use X-rays on a regular basis should consider switching to digital copies.

Save Space

The benefits of removing paper copies of other documents apply to digitising X-rays too. With many hospitals and dentists surgeries taking hundreds of X-ray scans a day, and having to be kept in medical records for years to come, this demands a lot of storage space. By eliminating the physical copy of the X-ray, staff can eliminate the need for storage space – allowing space to be used for more useful equipment or essentials.

Also, if an organisation or department is switching to digital medical records, it also makes sense to start using digital X-rays. Then these can be attached to a patient’s electronic record for easy access.

Increase productivity

Digital X-rays can be searched through instantly, making finding a particular patient’s X-ray super fast. Files can be located by searching by name of patient, name of practitioner or date of the scan. This allows X-rays to be processed much faster, and the entire operation in the department to improve in efficiency.

Instant Second Opinion

Digital documents can be shared instantly – with people who may not be at the same location. In many cases, doctors need a second opinion for diagnosis and sometimes X-rays need to be sent for an off-site diagnosis. Using digital X-rays abolishes this process, as they can be sent electronically instantly to receive a much quicker diagnosis. While on the surface this improves efficiency and makes life easier for medical staff, it could essentially save lives if ailments are spotted faster and patients don’t have to wait for an official diagnosis, as a faster diagnosis means faster treatment. Whether a consultant is on another floor or in another country, X-rays can be shared and discussed for an accurate diagnosis.

More Patients

As the entire X-ray scanning process in shortened thanks to digitisation, facilities should have the ability to take in more patients each week for scans.

Boost in Morale

Once medical professionals can see that operations are becoming more efficient, and as a result healthcare is improving, it will have a positive effect on all staff. If people are given the means to perform their job better, of course this will make them feel happier, especially if they are able to help more people with their skills.

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