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Why businesses using SharePoint can use document scanning too

The case for using a document scanning service no longer needs to be made to many organisations across the UK, and the plethora of business benefits it can bring are now widely known as the technology continues to be utilised by companies from sectors as diverse as HR and medicine. However, although most are aware of how versatile document scanning is in terms of the industries it can be used for, many do not invest in the process due to not knowing its full capabilities for integration with existing systems that are integral to a business’s operations.  

One of these systems is Microsoft SharePoint, now used widely within the corporate world as a way to centralise document and content management. Understandably, when a network such as this is used it is important to ensure that the document scanning service chosen by a company is one that can effortlessly import the data stored in physical files into this modern, virtual system.

At Pearl Scan, we understand this need. As a result, we’ve been refining and improving this technology for over two decades and are able to constantly offer our customers the best possible service. When choosing our team to perform a document scanning service, the team from our dedicated SharePoint department can facilitate the importation of digital data to SharePoint with ease, integrating seamlessly with a business’s existing technological infrastructure.

Specialist systems developed for scanning to SharePoint

We are innovators in the field of document scanning and document management, constantly developing specialist solutions and software to improve our service. One of these solutions is our custom built SharePoint Bulk Batch Importer, which helps our clients upload large amounts of scanned data into a SharePoint document library.

Additionally, all of our customers receive access to a custom Search Webpart, which can be used in their SharePoint system. Using this, the huge amounts of data that has now been uploaded into SharePoint can be easily searched and retrieved in just a few clicks.

Document scanning is unlimited with Pearl Scan

Document scanning technology is rapidly transforming and adapting to suit the needs of the modern workplace. Now it is possible to integrate with solutions such as Microsoft SharePoint in order to help our clients accessed their scanned data in the best possible way that works for them.

If your business uses SharePoint and is looking to utilise document scanning technology, get in touch with a member of our team to learn how we can help.

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