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Who is Pearl Scan?

Pearl Scan. A professional data capture and document scanning company based in the city of Manchester. Pearl Scan's cost-effective document scanning services are offered to organisations in Manchester, London, Birmingham and throughout the UK.

A data capture and document scanning company providing professional document scanning services for organisations in Manchester, London, Birmingham and throughout the UK.

Today, Pearl Scan is a fully integrated document scanning and document management company with clients based nationwide, covering a large range of industries. Within our document scanning services we offer specialist document management solutions including legal document scanning, invoice processing, medical records scanning, general office document scanning and more. However, like any other success stories, we didn't streamline our services and grow our client base overnight. The Pearl Scan document scanning company we are today is one that has been built up over a matter of time - over 13 years to be exact.

When first formed in 2003, Pearl Scan was then known as Pearl Reprographics ltd. While we provided data capture and outsourced scanning services, reprographics was our main product offering. At this point our customer base was only one (but loyal) customer.

The rise of a document scanning company in Manchester

Soon we recognised the growing demand for document scanning and digital document management, moving to a bigger scanning facility in 2004 and rebranding to Pearl Scan Solutions ltd in 2005 in order to respond to the changing market. With a focussed product offering and cutting edge technology, Pearl Scan Solutions ltd could now cater to SME, blue-chip companies and public sector clients. As well as a re-brand, 2005 marked the start of our venture into in-house document management software development. Now, with a few years of industry knowledge and an understanding of the needs of our clients, we felt this necessary in order to be able to create the solutions that we were searching for. Soon, LazyWorks, our EDMS system was launched, improving document management for our customers.

Pearl Scan document management software

Fiver years later our specialised software division, Pearl Scan Software was born. It was created to continue our research into creating the most relevant and useful digital document management and secure document storage solutions in the business. Rather than sourcing one-fit-for-all software, we commissioned this research team so that we could offer our clients a bespoke, flexible and an open source software with no additional costs or limitations. The results of the development done by Pearl Scan Software can be seen in our Halogen and Halogen cloud document management systems, which we offer free of charge to all of our clients.

2012 was our first venture into specialised scanning services, as we created Peal Scan Legal to offer compliant based document scanning. But 2013 saw us extend our offerings further, as we moved into a much larger scanning and data conversion facility, increasing our scanning capacity and allowing us to invest in more top of the range industrial hardware to cope with these specific document scanning needs. We now operate in one of the leading document digitisation and management facilities in the UK.

Pearl Scan - A service company

In 2015 we focussed further to become a service company rather than simply a traditional document scanning business. Now, Pearl Scan is capable of offering scalable, tailored services of document scanning for a wide range of sectors, available as a high volume, on-going solution or as a scan on demand service. Document scanning and digitisation can be achieved for the legal, medical, education, logistics, HR sectors and more, empowering businesses across the UK with the benefits and advantages that digital document management technology can bring.

Data capture and document scanning and management technologies for the future

Every year we strive to build upon our current offerings, meaning that the Pearl Scan of tomorrow will continue to provide the latest, up to date technologies and innovations for our customers.

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