When Should I Use a Document Scanning Service?

Below are just a few of the times you may find yourself seeking document scanning services.

When you…need to reduce paper

Paper can be a nuisance. Despite its usefulness, it can clutter up desks, overflow in bins and even cause physical harm! (Yes, paper cuts drive us all insane) So reducing the amount of it in your office can be very important. Get those important documents scanned and there’ll be no need for paper copies. Switching to digital document management eliminates the requirement for any more piles of paper and hands full of paper cuts.

When you…need to cut costs

Whether through printing, storage or waste, the world of paper is expensive. You can cut a great deal of costs by setting up a digital document management system and having already printed documents scanned onto the system. After all of the documents are set up there, you can continue managing future documents digitally reducing the cost of paper and printing significantly. Document scanning services, like Pearl Scan, offer a cost effective solution which will provide long term money savings.

When you…need more office space

Without you noticing, paper can build up and before you know it, you can have a whole room dedicated to filing cabinets and floor-to-ceiling boxes of documents. By hiring a document scanning company to scan those documents and recycle them, you can free up and claim back that office space for more important/cost effective use.

When you…want to digitise

In this fast moving digital age, it seems almost redundant to complete work via paper-based means. Digital business is faster, more efficient and better for the environment. The benefits of digital are there for everyone to see and while it might seem cool and retro to shun the digitisation, your business could suffer as a result. Document scanning services can help with every step of the digitisation process so you won’t feel like you’ve taken on too much.

When you…want to boost staff morale

If your staff are spending more time searching for documents than completing the work that needs to be done, or are doing the work while cramped amongst filing cabinets, they are probably not particularly happy about it. You can improve employee morale by getting rid of those space consuming documents and scanning them into an easy to access system. As a result, your employee’s will feel you have their happiness in mind as well as the interests of the business. Plus, with improved staff motivation, you will get increased staff retention reducing the need for negative disruption within the workplace.

When you…want a more efficient workflow

As we’ve mentioned, seeking document scanning services, like Pearl Scan, to clear your boxes of documents and digitise them into a system can improve staff morale. With this newly improved morale, employees will work more efficiently due not only to their satisfaction in the workplace but also the ease and speed at which they can access documents and information whenever it’s needed. Of course, you don’t need telling that a more efficient workflow will improve your business.

When you…are Health & Safety conscious

Sometimes we think that the world has gone mad with health and safety regulations. There is not a day that goes by when there isn’t another story about it. At the end of the day though, health and safety IS important. You want your employees to work in a safe environment. If there are boxes and folders of documents lying around your offices, chances are, someone is going to trip over them at some point. Whether they hurt themselves badly and hire a lawsuit against you or not, you need to clear those boxes and take that possibility out of the equation.

When you…want a greener work space

The world is becoming increasingly conscious of environmental issues and it is stretching to businesses too. People and businesses want to work with companies who can show they care about the environment and their impact upon it. By reducing your paper usage through document scanning and digital document management, you can take the first steps to becoming recognised as being an environmentally friendly company. By following more of these steps, you can become ISO 14001 compliant. This internationally recognised accreditation, which Pearl Scan holds, can bump up the status of your company.

When you…want to future-proof your office

Let’s be honest, if you walk into an establishment that looks tired and outdated, you are less likely to be interested in the services they offer. A digital environment, where paper is minimal, offers the customer room to breathe and lets you put focus on what you are actually trying to offer. Plus, there’s little more dating than a wall of dull grey filing cabinets. Updating your premises by removing documents and having them scanned onto digital management software could be just the thing you need to propel your business into the 21st century and beyond.

If you have found yourself in any of these positions and wish to get more information about what Pearl Scan has to offer then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Why Choose Pearl Scan?

In conjunction with the EN BS ISO 9001:2005, 27001, 14001 and in-house implemented quality, security and compliance procedures allow us to deliver peace of mind scanning services to our client. We are an approved document scanning and data capture scanning service provider to many reputable health, education, manufacturing, financial, logistics etc. organisations.

    ISO 9001 Registered         ISO 14001 Registered         ISO 27001 Registered         Investors In People         PCI Compliant         Member of IRM     

Founded in 2003, with almost 15 years of valuable knowledge and expertise in delivering successful document scanning and data capture services through the UK to some of the most reputable and globally known organisations.

We operate from a custom built document scanning and data capture centre, which is built around security, safety and confidentiality. The site is monitored 24hours a day by security and CCTV systems.

The document scanning and data capture bureau is equipped with the state-of-the-art dedicated document, Microfilm media, Books and Large Format Plans scanning and capture technology; catering for a wide range of document types and sizes making us a one-stop service provider for scanning and digital conversion needs . We continually invest in our staff training and latest technology to ensure that we are delivering quality and innovations at all times.

Pearl Scan Group has the infrastructure to provide quick turnaround for urgent document scanning needs to taking on a large volume scanning and conversion of documents, microfilm media, books etc. projects. Our document scanning and data capture service centre always run at 80% of its productivity allowing 20% space and resources for on-demand, ad-hock projects.