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What is Scan on Demand?

on demand document scanning

Scan on Demand – The Ideal Recipe Mixing Document Storage and Going Paperless

Scan on Demand is a popular service offered here at Pearl Scan which gives you the opportunity to benefit from document scanning services without scanning the entire project in one big go.

What Scan on Demand offers, that a full on document scanning service or a document storage facility alone doesn't, is a maximum level of flexibility. Scan on Demand does pretty much exactly what its title suggests; you store your files and when you need one of the documents, you simply request, or 'demand' it and you will have access to it within a couple of days. You also won't have to worry about receiving paper documents as Scan on Demand is a service which sends your files back in a digital format such as PDF, which you can share, duplicate, email, print and do anything you can do with regular digital files. This is considerably more flexible than a service taking a week to send you a physical document through the post and potentially cheaper too.

What Happens to the Documents After They Go Through Scan on Demand?

After this you can decide what you wish to do with the document itself; it can be disposed of and recycled or it can be put back into storage, the choice is yours. Most people decide that once they have the digital file and they're happy with it the physical document itself is no longer needed so they request for it to be destroyed. This flexibility is the brilliance of Scan on Demand and makes for an easier transition into the paperless world. Going paperless can sometimes be difficult if you rely more on paper-based documents than you realise so Scan on Demand offers the perfect solution.

The brilliance of Scan on Demand

Scan on Demand is definitely worth considering if you would have your documents sitting in storage anyway. Through Scan-on-Demand the files can be slowly digitised thus making the transition that little bit easier. This document scanning service is also particularly useful for companies who have a great deal of documents to be scanned but don't yet have the budget to scan them all in one go.

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For more information about our Scan on Demand service and how your company can benefit from it then get in touch today. If you would like to receive a free, no obligation quote for your scanning project, complete our online form by following the relevant links below.

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