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What Can Survey Scanning Do For You?

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Don’t struggle with manual data entry when you can outsource and save money, time and space with survey scanning services.

Companies and organisations from a wide range of industries use surveys to collect data about people’s opinions of their businesses and products. These can be collected in the thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions which can provide a huge amount of useful information. But this is where a lot of businesses can run into trouble.

Once the surveys have been returned, businesses can be swamped with paperwork which needs to be manually entered into databases. This can take a huge amount of time for designated workers who have been taken away from their regular roles to do the work or even those hired specifically to do it.

The costs will also rack up with expenses for staff time, equipment and space. On the topic of space, holding hundreds of thousands of survey on-site with take up a great deal of valuable office space. All of this is enough to drive anyone up the wall, right? Well, if there was any wall space left!

There must be a better solution!

Don’t worry, there is. Outsourcing survey scanning services can free up than office space, reduce costs and leave you free to spend your time more productively.

But, how?

Well, quite easily really. Let me explain...


While outsourcing work to professional companies does involve an investment, what you really need to look at is the difference between that investment and how much money you will spend trying to complete the project yourself. Completing the project in-house will involve continuously spending money on staff time, numerous computer systems and setting aside space whereas scanning services will only charge you a one off payment for the project to be completed.


It’s pretty obvious that if you choose to manually enter data from a massive amount of surveys, it will take A LOT of time. Outsourcing the work will take no time at all on your part and at a scanning bureau, the work will be completed quickly because professionals will complete the work.


By sending all of your work to a scanning bureau, you can remove those surveys that are overflowing boxes in your offices. Once they have been scanned, they can be destroyed too because you will have all of the data available in a digital format right at your fingertips. So, that reshuffle you have always wanted to do can be done.

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Companies from the healthcare and public sectors to retail outlets and food manufacturers have all used survey scanning services to collect the data from their surveys and questionnaires so they can reap the benefits mentioned above and more. Whether it’s customer feedback forms, medical surveys, competition forms or general application forms, survey scanning is a quick, easy and cost effective solution. You have to try it!

Who to Outsource To

Here at Pearl Scan, we provide a bespoke scanning service for all kinds of surveys. We have the data capture and data entry capabilities to scan all of the relevant information from your surveys and also apply OCR processing to the digital documents to enable you to retrieve files with a simple text search.

You don’t need a specific data capture form to comply with our scanning process as we can program our scanners to capture data in any form. For more information about how we can scan surveys give us a call or complete our online form for a free, no obligation quote.

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