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Ways to Keep Employees Happy

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It is vital for businesses to keep their employees happy. Customers may be the heart of a company but members of staff are the cogs that keep the machine running smoothly. Keeping them content allows entire operations to be executed seamlessly. From employee surveys to creating a nicer work space, there are many ways to keep a workforce happy...

Adjust the Email Process

Small business employees are being constantly bombarded by emails. This is why they are always ‘switched on’ because they are relentlessly connected to email via smartphones. Employees feel compelled to answer emails because they don’t want to seem like they are ignoring the sender. Roughly half of small business staff says they receive too many emails, and one third believes that email overload affects day-to-day productivity.

In order to tackle this and ensure that staff are answering fewer messages after work, managers should mark the messages they want an immediate response to as urgent.

Consider Flexible Working

Flexible work schedules increases employee levels of happiness and helps reduce burnout. Businesses that offer employees the chance to work remotely are giving staff the chance to balance work demand and personal time.
The force that ensures flexible schedules work is trust. Employers trust that tasks will get done as they are needed, in a requested timeframe. This allows employees to do what they need to in their day-to-day lives such as going for a doctor’s appointment or taking a child to school. Studies show that more and more people are looking for jobs which allow flexible working.

Offer Employee Perks

It is important for employees to feel valued and feel as though their contribution is valued. Managers should acknowledge that perks are not substitutes for prime professional inspiration; they are a great way to release burdens off an employee’s shoulders.

Not all companies have to go to the lengths that Google does, offering lavish perks including free gourmet lunches and massages. Just a little something to show employees that they are valued is the perfect way to keep them smiling and working hard.

Consider Employee Surveys

Taking the time to ask a workforce what they think can pay off dividends in the long run. Employees are the heart of any business so it is important to find out how they think operations could be improved.

Employee feedback helps provide businesses with an understanding of experiences and identifies what drives employee satisfaction. It also enables business managers to identify the positive and negative areas of a business. Services such as data capture can help generate accurate and quantifiable measures of feedback. Relevant changes and policies can be implemented in real-time, allowing businesses to improve employee experience based on the data gathered from a feedback survey.

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