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UK Flooding and The Importance of Digitisation


UK Flooding: A Debate about the Importance of Digitisation

As the festive period approaches, we're at that time of year where weather warnings are issued across the UK. After an especially warm and dry September, the remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo hit our shores towards the end of October bringing storms, heavy rain and flooding to some parts of the country. Since then, we've had a roller-coaster of weather leaving us unsure whether to leave our coats at home or wear numerous layers! Typical Britain. But what does this mean for our document storage. If we don't know what the weather's going to be like, how can we possibly know that our paper documents will be safe?

While it goes without saying that a great number of businesses and homeowners will have insurance, that still doesn't make up for the things that can be essential that simply cannot be replaced, including paper documents. For some companies, their documents hold essential information that can in no way be lost or damaged because of their irreplaceable nature as, usually, there is simply only one copy.

It might seem like something that would not be essential, but as we're told time and time again when it comes to our computer baseduk-flooding documents and files, backing up is essential, so why shouldn't this also count towards your physical documents as well? The quick answer to that is because it seems like much harder work to have a document scanned and converted to a PDF than it is to simply drag a computer file onto an external hard drive or an online backup service like Dropbox or SugarSync. But, when it comes to the documents being as essential and important as they are, that little bit of extra effort is all the more worthwhile.

It's not like getting documents scanned is as limited as it used to be. If you have your document scanning done by a professional company, there are options available when you have them scanned such as OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and advanced indexing, both of which make your files all the more flexible, more so than they are in a physical form.

For many the extent of the loss in floods and bad weather goes beyond mere paper. There are not always human casualties but a lot of people can lose a lot of priceless things that mean the world to them and their families. However for a company that depends on their files and paper based documents, that's exactly what their documents are; their life-blood.

With the uncertainty of this winter's weather, it might be best to think about going digital you're your documents before it's too late. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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