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The importance of heritage scanning

The importance of heritage scanning

Document scanning solutions can be beneficial to many different industries and applications. Heritage scanning is one use of document scanning that is becoming popular amongst museums, libraries and curious individuals alike. Through analysing old journals, texts and archived materials, historians can provide insight into civilisations that existed before us. Families in need of personal information can also refer to archives and documents that have been passed down through generations to help them learn more about themselves. The information found in historical documents have been key to forming our view of the future, and this will continue to be the case for eternity.

Unfortunately, by nature, historical or heritage documents are old and their physical form is often deteriorating or delicate. Heritage scanning can help to freeze the aging process and keep history alive forever.

Documents from the past were not produced in a way that would make them last forever, nor were they mass produced. Every unique document, holding important information, is usually made from paper, fabric or other fibre type materials which are prone to deterioration over time. As a result, they are now carefully stored away from the public. Due to their delicate nature, museums and galleries keep their most valuable files in rooms that have been carefully designed to provide the best storage conditions. Although this is necessary, it means that large sectors of the world are kept from accessing the wealth of information that these documents provide. Similarly, individuals that do not have the means to create these suitable storage environments can often find that their treasured photographs fade and become damaged over time.

Document scanning is a perfect way to ensure that no knowledge or sentimental document is lost, while making historic documents much more readily available to anyone who wishes to access them.

When using heritage scanning services, it is possible to revive even the most faded and damaged photograph or paper document using post-processing techniques that can restore any file back to its former glory. Not limited to these materials, it is also possible to scan and digitise information found on vintage formats such as glass plates and various film mediums including VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Digital 8, Betamax, Mini DV, Micro MV Video, Hi-8 and U-matic.

Once transformed into digital format, heritage scanning can create an easily searchable digital database or virtual archive to store the files in. With this, no special access will need to be granted to discover what lies within a whole host of historic texts, and interesting knowledge can be found at the simple click of a mouse. When implementing this to an educational or scientific use, the doors that this could open are endless.

If you want to utilise the benefits that heritage scanning can provide, Pearl Scan can apply their years of expertise in document scanning to build the perfect document digitisation solution for you. 

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