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The Importance of Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is essential for the development of any business. Customers represent the beating heart of any company as they buy a product or a service. Those who don’t have a customer feedback strategy in their bag of tricks are doing themselves a dis-favour. What can be gained from customer feedback? ...

Improves a Product

Listening to what customers have to say about a product, especially during development stages, can make or break the sales of something. When creating a product companies need to think what need they are trying to address and gaining customer feedback is one way to see if this is being done successfully. Intertwining product development and customer feedback can give companies a greater competitive edge against competitors.

Gives an Outside Opinion

When looking at how a company can grow and develop, some people on the project can be biased. Asking for customer feedback and review allows organisations to get an outsiders perspective about their brand. This can make for a greater identification of strengths and weaknesses, allowing a company to develop and grow based on the needs and attitudes of a consumer. Their opinion is the most important.

Identifies Market Trends

Feedback allows for the identification of new technology. Companies can gauge the reception of a competitor’s product and develop their own products to this. If something becomes an unprecedented success, companies know that they should create something that caters to the need of the audience. Likewise if something doesn’t take off as a company anticipates, then competitors know to either stray away from releasing something similar or make such a product better than before.

Improves Relations

Audiences like it when they feel like they have a voice; customers who feel involved with a company feel valued by them - especially if they make changes as a result of feedback. This increase of brand value and customer importance makes an audience want to come back to a company or service as they feel like their input is appreciated.

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