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The Benefits of Paperless Payroll

Payroll, by default, is a document-dense sector. Files, folders and timesheets are all common in payroll departments, however as technology has moved on so has how payroll works. And now the idea of a paperless payroll department is

Once, payroll departments were full to the brim with physical documents, filing cabinets and bursting folders. However now, thanks to computer software, that is no longer the case. Payroll departments now rely more heavily than ever before on software and technology. That being said, many payroll departments still use old processes meaning they still rely heavily on physical documents. And as a result, a number of procedures within the departments are still paper-based. But what are the benefits of turning your payroll department into a completely paperless one?

It’s good for the environment

The impact businesses have on the environment is all the more prominent in this conscious day and age. All businesses are now looking to reduce their carbon footprint in order to meet targets and promote their business as an eco-leader. And turning one of the most paper-driven departments into a wholly paperless one is a superb way to do this. Businesses will reduce the amount of paper they use tenfold, which can then be put into CSR strategies and can even help them to win industry awards.

 It will save you money

How much do you spend on ink, toner, paper and replacing printers? If you add it up over the course of a year, that figure is sure to run into hundreds, or even thousands, for a medium or large businesses. By making the switch to paperless systems you will save an incredible amount of money – not only in payroll departments, but business-wide.

Your staff will be more efficient

Productivity has been shown to be greatly reduced when working with paper. Searching for files and folders wastes hours every single day. And in payroll departments, that can be heightened. An overabundance of paperwork can make it difficult to find documents quickly, thus causing delays and time-wasting. By turning payroll departments into wholly digital departments, files can be found with a few clicks of a mouse – in no time at all.

 You’ll be futureproofing

There’s no denying that the future of the world is digital, and businesses are at the forefront of that. By making the switch now you will ensure you are able to compete for years to come by futureproofing your businesses in the increasingly competitive marketplace.

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