The 3 Key Things to Look For in Document Management Software

February 27th, 2015

The 3 Key Things to Look For in Document Management Software

Not so long ago document management software wasn’t a very common centrepiece on most organisation’s computer systems. Now there are literally thousands of new and innovative pieces of document management software for you to choose from. So many in fact that it can become confusing to think about what’s really best for your company.

Most document management software offers the below fundamentals and you will have your own needs for the software. However, it is very easy to lose sight of those things when presented with all the bells and whistles offered by all different types of software out there making you forget about what’s really important. So here are the top three things that your document management software of choice needs to do:

productivity-boostImprove Productivity

You might be looking at a piece of software that offers everything from incredible document storage space right down to making you a cup of tea in the morning, but if it doesn’t improve your productivity or even ends up making it worse, then it’s worthless to you. The majority of people seeking out a good quality document management software are doing it purely to help the productivity of their staff which can be helped fundamentally by having a good piece of software on your side. Because all of your documents are stored in one central database (or a number of them), they are all easy to locate and search through rather than having to work your way through folders, boxes and filing cabinets full of paper documents. It’s important that the document scanning company which convert your paper documents does a decent job in making them searchable on your computer by using OCR techniques, but the software needs to be able to successfully search through your databases and preferably as quickly as possible. This can make a huge difference to how much work your team does in a day and could benefit customer services too.

simple-to-useBe Simple to Use

You might think it’s a difficult mix to find; a piece of software that is both simple to use and powerful but there are options out there. Before committing to anything, it’s almost always a good idea to trial the software to test its speed and ease of use. Even if your staff are very good with computer systems, ideally a great piece of document management software should be able to be used by a 10 year old who’s just using a computer for the first time. This is why I warn you about some of the fancy features offered with software like this. They can overcomplicate the process and cause problems along the way. Ask yourself if you really need a button with social media options or perhaps something to share with another colleague when they could just as easily email the file. Simplicity is the key to organisation and if you’re bringing in a new system there’s no point in making it a disruptive one.

simple-document-management-softwareSimply Makes Working Conditions Easier

The fact is, a really good piece of document management software can make your office a better place to be in so many ways. It might sound silly but it can make staff happier, free up space because of the lack of paper documents and just make the whole office feel fresher and like it’s on a path to a more modern and productive future.

Often it is as simple as asking yourself why you need the document management software in the first place. There’s no need to be confused by all the other items offered by a lot of the software out there, most of the time it’s marketing fluff to get you to spend more money. Simple document management software like Pearl Scan’s Halogen can make a big difference without costing a lot and still keep you as organised as you can be.

Most companies just need a good document management software to get them organised and it’s always best to try not to lose sight of those original intentions amongst the thousands of choices that are out there. Here at Pearl Scan, we are a document scanning company that offers a range of document management solutions and consultancy which you can tailor to suit your needs exactly. If you would like some more information about any of our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today or see our web pages.

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