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Pearl Scan digital invoicing services help accounts teams by streamlining processes

Our invoice scanning and data captures services are offered to accounts teams throughout the UK, including Manchester, London and Birmingham to help streamline their department.

Leading document scanning and management providers Pearl Scan are assisting accounts payable teams across the nation with their revolutionary invoice scanning solutions

Already offering document digitisation to streamline other corporate applications with services such as HR record scanning and virtual mailroom capabilities, the accounts payable process is also made much easier with the help of document scanning.

The technology from the leading document digitisation providers has the capability to scan almost any file to PDF, meaning that purchase invoices, ledgers and a large range of other payable documents can be scanned and digitally stored with ease. Using these virtual databases the workflow of accounts professionals is revolutionised, making it simple to store and search for particular files, invoices, receipts and more, whenever they are needed.

Pearl Scan's invoice scanning services. Helping organisations to improve the efficiency of processing invoices throughout the UK, including Manchester, London and Birmingham.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan said, “Any industry or profession that relies on using large amounts of paper documents and physical files every day knows the difficulties that come with this, such as effective organisation and storage processes. Due to their nature, even the most methodically arranged filing system can take time to search through when looking for a particular file, meaning time and energy is wasted constantly.”

Ashraf continued, “For accounts teams, we can solve these troubles with our purchase ledger file and purchase invoice scanning solutions, reducing reliance on paper and storing all necessary data in a virtual database that is easy to browse with a text search tool.”

Pearl Scan offer automated document scanning solutions for the whole office, and are able to cope with large, recurring jobs or smaller ‘scan-on-demand’ requests. Collecting all documents that are to be scanned directly from the client, they offer a streamlined service from the very beginning.

The leading providers of document digitisation also comply with strict privacy regulations, ensuring that all documentation is destroyed responsibly. For particularly sensitive files, a secure shredding service is also of offer from Pearl Scan for complete peace of mind.

How to Automate Accounts Payable

time saving scanning

We are always looking for ways to speed up the processes we go through in our everyday life with the introduction of digital technology, so why not let that extend to your working life too with automation of accounts payable

Problems with manual processing

manual invoice processing

Processing accounts payable (AP) invoices by the traditional manual method has been throwing up a number of problems for companies in this fast-moving digital age. Some of the common problems faced in AP departments are;

-High costs per document filed.
- Space consumed by large volumes of AP documents.
- Time wasted manually entering all of the data.
- Risks such as loss of AP, human error entering the data and duplicated documents.

Having identified these problems, many companies go in search of a solution and that’s when they come across invoice scanning.

Invoice scanning

Invoice scanning lets you digitise accounts payable documents and store them more efficiently in a digital document filing system. Companies up and down the country have been jumping on board by switching to automatic invoice processing and why not? Many processes in business are already digital from using email to complete correspondence to the use of digital devices everywhere in the modern-day office so it just makes sense to move all business processes towards a digital method.

Why scan invoices?

Benefits of invoice scanning

By scanning your AP documents, you could benefit from one or all of these.

  • Save costs previously wasted on unproductive tasks and errors. (The number of staff needed to complete the task will also be reduced.)
  • Free up office space by destroying documents previously stored there.
  • Get instant access to AP files through simple text searches.
  • With fully searchable documents, you will reduce the amount of time needed to retrieve relevant documents and refile them.
  • You can also get shared access to documents so APs can be shared across different departments easily.
  • All files are more secure when stored in encrypted and password protected files reducing (and even eliminating) the risks of loss, theft and damage.
  • You will also be providing your AP department with an up to date record management system.

Scanning services

The best benefit of them all is that you don't have to try and do the scanning yourself because Pearl Scan can do it for you. Our invoice scanning service is completely bespoke and can be tailored to suit the needs of each individual company whether you're in Manchester, London, Birmingham or anywhere else in the UK.

Our data capture technology can digitise accounts payable documents in high quality with a quick, cost effective, turnaround which is why we have been trusted by a number of companies from a wide range of industries including legal, healthcare, education and finance.

For more information about our account payable automation services, check out our website or give us a call today to discuss your requirements.

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Importance of Invoice Processing and Scanning

How Can I Process Invoices Quicker?

scan invoices quicker
Processing invoices every day can be a long and drawn out process not to mention the costs wasted. It almost seems like there should be a better solution. Well don’t worry, there is…

Whether it’s purchase ledgers or accounts payable files, you and your staff spend a great deal of time ensuring everything is logged and filed correctly. In business, time is money so you are also spending a great deal of money on invoice processing too. Come on, it’s time you took a step in the right direction and claimed back that wasted time and costs.

Invoice Scanning

Scanning invoices offers the opportunity to speed up processing and brings an efficient storage means for future access to your documents. In an increasingly digital world, many business processes are going digital. Networking is done through online means such as email and social network and very rarely will you find an office which doesn’t have at least a small handful of computers for staff to complete work on. So with this focus on digitising businesses, it has always seemed strange that invoice processing has been slow to go digital. Nowadays however, more and more companies are looking at scanning and digitisation to save expensive office space and increase productivity in the office. Other companies don’t often realise the negative effect the way they handle invoices can have on the entire business so let’s take a look.

How Much Am I Currently Wasting?

Let’s say you currently employ three members of staff to deal with invoices every day. These staff members spend all day manually processing hundreds or even thousands of invoices. They also need a dedicated space/office to do this work and also the use of computers, electricity etc. So not only does this method waste a huge amount of time but you can also see that costs and space are affected to.

By going digital with invoices and outsourcing the work to scanning services, you won’t need these members of staff who can be moved to another area in need of extra staff such as customer services. The space they were using can be used more efficiently for another department or rented out for extra revenue. Most importantly of all, your invoices will be scanned and indexed quickly with no wasted time and made accessible through simple text searches in an efficient document management system. With the boost in efficiency you can get by scanning invoices, how can you settle for a slow manual process any longer?

Pearl Scan Can HelpH small image8

Pearl Scan’s invoice scanning is a popular service which can be tailor made to suit the needs of any company from which digital format you want your invoices converted to and document delivery method to indexing and optional OCR processing. We can collect your documents on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis using our secure nationwide collection service and all of our services a fully accredited with security certificates. We use data capture software to scan all of the relevant data quickly and easily.

So, how can you process invoices quicker? With Pearl Scan of course!

For more invoice scanning solutions explore the website or get in touch today for a free, no obligation quote for your project.

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