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How To Improve HR File Security

Improving HR document security with Pearl Scan's HR document scanning and management services offered throughout the UK, including Manchester, London and Birmingham.

Leaving HR files at risk of theft can have terrible consequences if your files get into the wrong hands. So what can you do to ensure your files are as secure as they can be?

Let me guess, you currently store the files in your HR department in filing cabinets, folders and boxes? Not only are they consuming valuable space in your offices but you’re also worried about how secure they are. Well, you’re right to be worried because storing such important files in hard copy is very risky. They’re at risk of loss and damage from being stored on such a flimsy material but you would also need a pretty sophisticated security system to safeguard those files from theft too. These systems are costly whether that’s padlocks and keypad locks or full CCTV systems and companies are less likely to want to spend a great deal of the budget on these things.

HR document scanning

theft of documents

HR record scanning is the process of digitising HR documents to be stored electronically, in a fully indexed and manageable system. More and more companies have already turned to HR document scanning to help them to deal with large amounts of paperwork and to secure important information. Managing files digitally is now a standard process for a lot of companies but some still store older files in hard copy without realising the benefits they’re missing out on.


  • Digital files can be encrypted and password protected to ensure only the right people can view them.
  • Going digital offers a much more flexible way to view, edit and share HR files without leaving them open to data security issues.
  • You can save costs on expensive security systems with simple yet effective electronic files security.
  • Office space freed up to be used in a much less risky way.

Scanning services for HR departments

document security

Here at Pearl Scan we can handle small to large scale HR scanning projects. Our services are completely bespoke so they can be tailored to suit the needs of each individual client based on their requirements. We can take care of the entire process so you don’t have to and we can even provide our document retrieval software, Halogen, free of charge to help you manage your digital documents with ease.

It has never been more important to ensure the information your company holds is secure and with Pearl Scan’s document management solutions you can do just that and start reaping the benefits right away. If you would like some more information about how we scan HR documents, take a look at our website and blogs or get in touch today to receive a free, no obligation quote for your HR document scanning project.

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Go Digital and Boost HR Office Morale in 3 Easy Steps

improve hr office morale
Low office morale can be a problem in offices up and down the country throughout the year but poor file management could be making the problem even worse. We’re here to help with three simple steps that could transform your HR department.

Low office morale can be caused by a number of things, whether that’s lack of motivation, no support or even unchallenging work but today we’re going to focus on one particular cause. Being obstructed from completing work due to poor file management processes.

Paper Document Storage

The main problem with storing HR files in hard copy format (in filing cabinets, folders and boxes) is its unreliability. No matter how hard you try, you cannot guarantee that all files will remain in the right place in perfect condition. Documents can be easily damaged and one simple misfile can affect everything making file retrieval a long and drawn out process. When things get in the way of work being done and makes everyday tasks more difficult, it is bound to lower morale. Another way hard copy storage can lower morale is when this storage is filling up offices creating a cramped working environment. Let’s face it, no one wants to go into work in a cramped office surrounded by messily stored documents, do they?
boosted morale

Three Steps to Boost Morale

The first thing you need to do is collect all of the files and documents you currently store and have them digitised. With large volumes of files, it is usually more time and cost effective to outsource this work. By outsourcing the work to a scanning company, you should receive high quality scans and also have them fully indexed and OCR processed which will help greatly with step two.

STEP TWO- Manage
Once you have your HR documents fully digitised and indexed, they can be implemented into a digital document management system. This can be done in whichever way you feel would work best with your department. With larger departments, documents can be hosted in online cloud storage or over a shared network. In this system, files can be found quickly and shared with relevant personnel. For smaller offices of just one or two people, files can be stored on disks or USBs or on singular computer hard drives with just as easy sharing and retrieval capabilities. In fact, there are a wide range of benefits of HR record scanning.

Once you and the rest of the department are happy with your digital files and the new system, you can destroy the originals securely to free up that restrictive office space. When you have digital backed up files, they are no longer needed anyway and creating an airier office space or even just utilising the space more efficiently can do wonders for staff morale.

How Pearl Scan Can Helpspace freed up

Here at Pearl Scan, we offer a fully bespoke HR document scanning service that has saved our clients money, time and space with the new digital document management system making file retrieval much simpler and more reliable. They have experienced significantly boosted office morale by creating a better working environment within their HR departments. We also provide a document retrieval software which has been specially designed for Human Resources departments with powerful search capabilities so you can retrieve relevant files instantly. For more information about our HR scanning and document management solutions, get in touch today. If you would like a free, no obligation quote for your scanning project, complete our online form by following the relevant links below.

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5 Reasons Why HR Choose Digital Document Management

digitise hr documentsDigital Document Management has begun to transform HR departments across the UK but why are we going digital with human resources files?

Reason Number 1- To Recover Costs

Cost effective hr document scanning

It’s expensive to run a business so companies are always looking for ways to recover costs in the best way possible. By adopting a digital document management system, HR departments can abolish extortionate off-site storage costs and the regular outgoings for paper, ink and printer usage. Hiring document scanning services also doesn’t cost as much as you think and will not outweigh the cost saving benefits. You will save costs from the beginning and continue to save them with electronic document management.


Time saving HR Document Scanning

Reason Number 2- To Improve Efficiency

Scanned and digital files let you gain access to important information anywhere at any time. Documents can be sent to people through email, shared network or online cloud platform in an instant and can be viewed from any number of devices meaning working from outside the office or just away from your desk is simple. This increase in file retrieval times and office efficiency can also bring other benefits such as boosted morale and higher profits due to more work being completed in a shorter space of time. It’s a win-win situation!



Free space by scanning documentsReason Number 3- To Free Up Office Space

Offices that keep hard copy documents onsite in filing cabinets, boxes and folders can benefit greatly from switching to an electronic document management system. The space taken up by these cumbersome things can be freed up once you are happy with your digital documents. An open office space also brings many other benefits for the company and workforce (check out this previous article for those benefits)


Reason Number 4- To Future Proof the Business

future-proofed office

Imagine are looking for a [insert your business sector here]. While doing your research, you go to visit one company whose offices are jam-packed with filing cabinets and other storage facilities not dissimilar to your own office right now. The place is cramped and the staff looked stressed when trying to find the files they need. Would you give this company your custom and have complete faith in them to store your information and provide the best customer service possible? It’s unlikely, isn’t it?

Ok, try this visit another company. Their offices are bright and airy and free of space consuming document storage. When you ask for information, one of the employees brings it up on their handheld tablet quickly and efficiently. They then refer you to a colleague sat at a computer and send the relevant information over to them via a shared network. Much better, right?

Companies and organisations that move forwards with new technology are much more likely to flourish longer than those who refuse to move with the times. We’re not saying you have to purchase every latest gadget there is but transferring to digital document management would be a great first step.


Reason Number 5- To Secure Important Information

Securing the information of your clients and your company is one of the most important things you need to ensure. With paper documents, you leave that information open to the threat of loss, theft and damage. Even when stored behind locked doors, viewed by CCTV they may not be 100% safe. So why take the risk when there is a better solution? Scanned documents can be password protected, encrypted and backed up to ensure maximum security.


Pearl Scan Pledge

secure documents

Here at Pearl Scan, we provide an excellent HR scanning and electronic management service which brings a wide range of benefits to HR departments from lots of different industries including education, medical and law among others.

With our HR documents scanning service, we can scan human resources files in the highest quality with an efficient turnaround so you won’t be without your documents for long. We can provide sample scans to ensure this quality is exactly what you want and the images will conform to meticulous quality checks.

For more information about our scanning for the HR sector, feel free to see our site for HR scanning solutions or get in touch today for a free, no obligation quote for your scanning project.


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