Drowning in Invoices? There’s Just One Solution, Invoice Scanning

A person searching through invoices sections in a draw of filing cabinet. We have a solution for your invoice file management issues. Invoice scanning. Our invoice scanning services are in Manchester, London, Birmingham, London and throughout the UK.

Whether dealing with hundreds or thousands of accounts payable and purchase ledger invoices on a monthly basis, time spent processing data and searching for past invoices is time wasted. Converting your invoices with an invoice scanning services can free up your time and more advantages

Some hire specific staff to deal with invoices and key the information into huge databases then file the documents away while others try and do the job between the work they are actually paid to do. The process is time consuming and the storage costs can rack up massively. The storage system is also inefficient when it comes to file retrieval and many an hour can be wasted searching for misfiled invoices. This is where invoice scanning holds the upper hand.

Advantages are not just being to find a file quickly, Invoice scanning can help modernise your office from top to bottom

Lots of ring binding folders together that are full with invoices. Ornaganisations are now having all these invoices scanned into a digital file so they can be stored securely online. Our invoice scanning services in Manchester, London, Brimingham  and throughout the UK, can give you the oprion to instantly find, share and store your digital invoices.
  • Digital invoices take up only virtual space so you can abolish extortionate storage costs or free up much needed office space.
  • It is much easier to find digital document through a simple text than to have to search through filing systems.
  • You can also share these documents with relevant parties at the click of a button.
  • This quick sharing doesn't mean just anyone can view the documents though as you can password protect and encrypt the files for extra security.
  • Office efficiency will be increased and more jobs can be completed in a shorter space of time.
  • With the newly organised system and freed up space, office morale can be boosted.
  • Money won't need to be wasted on extra staff to handle invoices as they can all be handled digitally.

An invoice scanning process

Adopting a digital invoice processing system is simple. Firstly invoices need to be gathered and fasteners removed. Then the invoices need to be scanned using a high quality scanner. The scanner will capture all of the data from your accounts payable and purchase ledger documents and display them as an image. The images should then be indexed and OCR processed to make them text searchable. We recommend indexing them by a number of criteria including invoice number, date and supplier name. The files should then be converted to your necessary format and checked for quality. Once you are happy with them, they should be placed onto CD, USB or DVD or hosted over a shared network or in a cloud system.

I know what you're thinking...that sounds like a lot of work, I just don't have the time or budget for that kind of work!...Have no fear, We are here to lend a helping hand.

Our invoice scanning and invoice processing service

Here at Pearl Scan we offer invoice scanning and invoice processing services to assist companies in going digital and take away the worry of having to complete the scanning project themselves. Our services are affordable yet effective and our process is safe and secure with a quick turnaround. With our flexible services we can cater for small to large companies with a range of budgets. Our invoice scanning process works exactly like the one above with the added extra of the use of our document management software, Halogen.

For more in-depth information about scanning invoices and our invoice data capture services, browse our website and blog articles or get in touch with us today. We can even offer you a free, no obligation quote for your scanning project after completing our online form or giving us a call now.

The Advantages of OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Those of you who are new to OCR (Optical Character Recognition), or even those of you who are familiar with it, might understand why it may be a useful tool when it comes to digital document storage rather than traditional paper storage, but there are so many advantages of OCR that you might not have thought about. You might even find that some of these will be useful for your company or even sway your decision to have your documents OCR processed.

Lets look at the Advantages of OCR

More explanation of how OCR conversions can benefit your document management.

  • Documents will be text-searchable with OCR processing. From that, it gives you the advantage of using the name of your documents, reference numbers, addresses, etc; when searching through your data base
  • Saving you lots of time when using a digital files rather than paper documents.
  • OCR processing can massively improve your customer services. If you take incoming calls which require you to access documents then having those document available instantly in digital form can make the overall customer experience better due to the speed of searching for the files they need and the ability to edit their contents easily.
  • Your documents can become editable with OCR. We can convert the files to MS Word and any other editable digital formats.
  • OCR allows you to copy and paste from the document itself whether that's in PDF format or MS Word format.
  • With low costing OCR processing. The advantage is that it can improve how your business operates
  • OCR is also known to boost staff morale when their working environment is easier to work within and less paper-centric.

Now you know the Advantages | What's Next?

It is possible to apply OCR conversion to documents which have already been scanned to PDF, JPG and TIFF format and it can also be included in the document scanning services offered here at Pearl Scan.

Contact us today to discover how we can tailor our OCR scanning and conversion service to suit your requirements. We work to find the best possible solution for you.

You can find more information on OCR scanning and conversion on our dedicated web page or you can get in touch with us.

We can provide a free quotation and professional advice

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Preservation Through Scanning

Preservation Through Scanning

The world is around 4.5 billion years old. And the human race about 200,000 million, so in that time, we have created some amazing memories, key pieces of history and contributed to the world as we know it today. Yet none of this would be possible for us to know without the reading about it. Yes, we can hear stories from our elders, but to really understand how the world once was, we need to read about people’s experiences first-hand.

The problem with this is the fact that some of these items are hundreds – if not thousands – of years old. So as time progresses, these deteriorate until they become unfathomable. But this is where scanning comes in. A somewhat new concept, the idea of digitalising endangered documents has been hailed as a way to preserve historical items for future use. Turning ‘analogue’ materials into digital forms, it means that they can essentially last forever.

Manuscripts, books and historical documents have all been digitised and locked forever into digital forms. The 11th-century Doomesday Book is one of the most prominent. The 1000 year old book is now online for all to sift through at their leisure. And in the 10 years since it has been online, it has attracted a whole new audience ready to discover more about the key document.

There are currently around 80 million pieces of information digitised and published and preserved online. And highlighting just how important this is, there were 17 million visits to the UK Government Web Archive last year.

Featuring texts from around the world, the digital library is awash with important information that is key to building our history. Highlighting what brought us here today, the documents and manuscripts enable us to build a picture about what life was like for our forefathers – both in this country, and right around the world.

Medieval manuscripts are some of the oldest to adorn the archives, detailing life between the 5th to the 15th century. Key for understanding the incredible history of life hundreds of years ago, the documents make for fascinating reading for historians and those keen to learn more about life before most of the items we know and love today were even invented.

Photographs and negatives paint a glorious picture of life before modern cars, buildings and technology. Yet photographs are extremely fragile and can be destroyed in an instant. Digitalising these can help to preserve them for many years to come, allowing future generations to look back in awe at the world as it once was.

Before technology and the internet, newspapers were essentially the only way to find out what was happening in the local area and beyond. Chronicling history day by day, scanning newspapers offers an incredible insight into life 50, 100 and even 150 years ago.

As the world develops, more and more documents will be created. Treaties, contracts and scripts are all important parts of our history that, more often than not, are physical items. By making sure these are preserved sooner rather than later, we can ensure that our history will be remembered for years to come.