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How document scanning can achieve efficient and cost-effective ways to stay GDPR compliant

An image displaying the words GDPR - it's time to comply. As a professional document scanning company, we can help every orginastion in Manchester, London, Birmingham and throughout the UK to comply by offereing efficient and cost effective document scanning services.

How document scanning can achieve efficient and cost-effective ways to stay GDPR compliant

As the UKs current Data Protection Act will be replaced by the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in May 2018. Steps and procedures will have to be taken properly as the GDPR will come with a new set of data protection rules. Even though GDPR was designed to eliminate the likes of sever online hacks and cyber-attacks at vulnerable database data storage, paper documents are as important to the safeguard of your company’s data.

How will your manual document management systems be affected?

Paper files are much less private than digital documents, filing cabinets can be accessed by anyone and so you cannot be certain that customer data is not falling into the wrong hands. Not complying with the GDPR will result with fines of up to €20 million or 4% of your global revenue, which can soon add up.

Not complying with the GDPR will result with fines of up to €20 million or 4% of your global revenue, which can soon add up.

Paper documents are often duplicated making it difficult to know whether data has been destroyed completely or if copies are lying around. Document scanning can avoid this issue as it can ensure a single copy of your customers data which can be destroyed if necessary.

Paper document types

The majority of organisation across the UK will have paper documents that have been duplicated numerous times over the years and this is the problem that the organisations will have with paper documents. The solution is to convert your paper document to into digital files through a UK document scanning company. It will reduce the numerous copies you might have of same file and create a secure digital archive storage of documents.

The paper files can also be shredded, not only will it comply with GDPR but also freeing up masses of space in your office departments.

When a user requests for their data to be deleted from your data base. Deleting that one digital file can confidently reassure yourself that your company will be complying with GDPR and not have any copies of the that particular data related to the user.

As "Data Subject" is information related to a natural person the following types of paper documents will need to comply with GDPR:

  • HR record documents.
  • Client data
  • Medical files
  • Personal data

By scanning documents into an online system or opting for secure document storage your documents can be found easily and quickly to ensure that they legally compliant. A digital archive system can protect the data with secure passwords so that only authorised personnel can have access.

The idea is to give everyone the confidence that their data will be secure managed.

We have been and continue to be specialists in converting paper documents into digital data.

Expert advice can be given for the best solution on how you can comply with GDPR. Contact us today if you would like more information on scanning documents to digital files to comply with GDPR

4 simple ways to streamline your HR department

Streamline your HR departments with HR document scanning and management from Pearl Scan

Every manager and business owner strives to offer the facilities for their staff that enable them to streamline their processes and increase efficiency in the workplace. This is no different for HR departments across the country - an integral part of every organisation regardless of which industry it operates in. There are numerous ways to streamline a HR department (and HR files scanning is one of them!). Alongside investing in better HR document management procedures, here we have rounded up some simple ways to streamline your HR department, to reap the business benefits in the future.

Consolidate systems

A HR manager’s role may cover many duties including but not limited to: Payroll, staff training, recruitment, relationship management and more. Because of this, you may operate using various systems and packages on a daily basis, which increases costs, is time consuming and is detrimental to efficiency. Investing in one, central system or database that can help you to complete all of your duties will improve the workflow for your staff.

Reduce reliance on paper documents

Similar to the first point, relying on paper documents that are stored in various places around the office can also waste valuable time for your HR staff. Instead of using large volumes of paper documents and files, digitise and store them using a cloud based document management system. This will give your team access to all HR files whenever they are needed, at the simple click of a mouse.

Clarify your strategy

An effective team is one that is heading in the same direction, and using the same processes to get there. Without a clear strategy, time may be wasted due to staff using various disjointed methods to complete tasks, holding each other up and blocking other team members from getting their jobs done on time. Clarify your strategy in order to create a more streamlined environment for your HR staff.

Share ideas, but don't block them

Team meetings can be both a blessing and a curse for offices around the country - while they are a good way to keep up to date with your team, holding too many or too long meetings can prevent your staff from completing their tasks for that day. Hold a meeting once a week, at a set time so that people can plan their schedules around it. This meeting can be used to identify any problems your employees may be having, so that steps can be made to put them right.

Investing in a high quality document management system is one way to streamline your HR department, alongside these other techniques. Get in touch with a member of our team today to learn how to implement such a system.

Paperless Courts Speed Up Justice

It seems that no industry is untouched by the current drive for going paperless, and although the goal set for the NHS may be the most high profile case of embracing document digitisation, the legal industry also has plans to adopt a paperless system, enabled by the use of legal document scanning. In 2013 it was announced that £160million was to be invested in the development of ‘digital courtrooms’ and better, more secure IT systems to help implement this change. Three years later, it seems that the improved efficiency that was envisioned by developing these digital courtrooms has in fact been realised by the courts that have trailed this new technology.

What is a digital courtroom?

The money invested by the government into the justice system is being used to give traditional courtrooms a ‘digital upgrade’ in order to handle cases more quickly and efficiently. This includes:

  • Supplying a majority of the courthouses with good quality Wifi. This will help every member of court staff to access relevant documents easily.
  • Installing Court Presentation and Collaboration Software which will allow even the most complex of Crown court cases to be navigated easily.
  • Installing Digital Evidence Screens which will allow the defence and prosecution parties to display their accompanying documents much more clearly and quickly while also reducing the risk of important files being lost or damaged due to the fact that they will be stored digitally when using this process.
  • Investing in better IT systems when needed, to support these plans for a paperless court system.

What are the benefits for the justice system?

Having improved access to the legally admissible documents used as evidence within a court case can ultimately speed up justice, while also improving the accuracy of the decisions that are made. With accurate, legal document scanning, every file is stored safely and securely in its digital format, available whenever it is needed. With a digital courtroom, waiting times are vastly reduced which benefits both the convicted party and the entire legal system.

Legal document scanning and digital management of files can make this vision of a paperless courtroom become a reality, and with more and more courts across the country slowly rolling out this scheme, legal firms that are looking to stay ahead of the industry trends can prepare for the widespread adoption of this technology by investing in legal document management services today.