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Importance of Invoice Processing and Scanning

The importance of having your invoices processed and scanned gives you and your organisational financial departments great benefits such as reducing costs, real-time cash flow management, work from anywhere, anytime, payments on time, etc. You can begin receiving these great benefits and more from using our Manchester, London, Birmingham and UK invoice scanning services.

The importance of invoice scanning and invoice processing

Invoices are one form of document that most companies deal with on a daily basis. In paper form, these documents can pile up. Depending on how big the company is, these invoices can fill filing cabinets, boxes and folders around the office, or even need to be stored in expensive, offsite document storage facilities. Storage costs and retrieval times can rack up so is there a more productive solution?

Our professional scanning services that capture the data from each individual invoice.

What are invoice data capture services and how does it work?

Put simply, invoice data capture service is the process of scanning your invoices and accurately capturing the data contained in them. The process is simple when you outsource the services but the benefits can be endless. Your company can run more smoothly and save costs at the same time. It isn't often you find a time saving, cost effective, efficiency boosting solution all rolled into one but invoice processing and invoice scanning offers just that.

So, what are the main benefits of using a UK invoice scanning company

Scanning invoices can help you get all of your invoices, accounts payable etc. fully digitised so they can be placed onto a digital document management system. From this system, they can be accessed at the click of a button and shared just as quickly with colleagues and anyone else who needs access to them. Despite how the easy access and sharing, this doesn't mean that just anyone can view your documents. They can be encrypted and password protected for security and peace of mind.

Also, by outsourcing your data capture services to a full cycle document scanning company like Pearl Scan, you don't need to worry about the project and your documents as they will be taken care of from collection right down to the returning or shredding and disposal of documents.

Who can benefit from invoice data capture and invoice processing?

A great big pile of invoices that nearly towers over a woman. Don’t let your paper invoices take over your finance department. Every financial throughout the UK can benefit from out invoice scanning services

As I have already mentioned, most companies deal with invoices on a daily basis and having them digitised rather than incurring high storage costs could benefit them greatly. If your company is full of filing cabinets, boxes and folders filled with invoices, invoice scanning can reduce the clutter and free up some potentially much needed space in the office. Alternatively, if you store invoices in off-site document storage facilities, you can banish those extortionate costs and access your documents without having to request them or pay for the privilege of viewing your own files.

Paying to view your own files doesn't make sense. Invoice scanning and invoice data capture does. Discover more information and the advantages of invoice scanning and processing by getting in contact with us.

Everything You Need To Know About Data Capture


Everything you need to know about data capture

Who uses data capture?

There are a lot of companies out there that work with data capture to find out more about their products, services or just themselves. Many of these companies could probably benefit from data capture services but never have done it.

Data capture is often wondered about and is something that you may have heard of but never really dared to venture into. Everyone from street salesmen to employment agencies to the largest corporations in their huge skyscrapers use surveys and data capture to find out what people think about them and the services they provide. It can prove to be the most vital research to do as it's often better to get an external opinion, rather than your own, on the way that things work.

People who work within the company tend to get absorbed in it and can miss the important things like how good customer service is, what their outgoing personality is like, how they are perceived, among others. These are questions that only people who are unrelated to the company can answer.

Whether you're a small or a major company, surveys are a good way to go and data capture is the best way to gather that information found.

How does data capture work?

Companies like us here at Pearl Scan, will usually have software which can use data capture methods to detect certain areas on the form such as check-boxes or tick-boxes in multiple choice questions. With that software, we can convert the found data into something that is presentable and can be easily read and examined rather than going through lots of surveys one by one. Handwritten areas will be captured manually as the software haven't developed far enough to read handwriting yet as everyone has different handwriting styles. For one person an 'O' (the letter) could be a '0' (zero) or a 'B' could actually be a 'P' etc. However these services are not costly to obtain.

Here are a couple of examples of what can be read automatically by our document scanning software:

Check box capture

Check or tick boxes are fairly simple to capture using our top of the line software. In the past, have you filled in forms and been told to make sure your crosses don't go too far outside the box? Well this is why. When our machines scan the data, they will note down the boxes that have been clearly marked. Technology is a lot better than when this used to be common, but it's still best to be sure.

Multiple choice question capture


Multiple choice questions are easy for the software too. The reason for this is that before we start scanning and collating your information, an initial form will be taken and scanned. The software will then be taught where it needs to check for answers and check boxes so it can give an accurate result. Once this template is in place, it is just a matter of scanning documents and letting the software find the appropriate information.

If you would like some more information about the data capture services we offer here at Pearl Scan, including capturing data from invoices, medical research data capture and customer feedback form capture, please feel free to contact us.

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Data Capture - In-House or Outsource It?

outsourcing data capture imageShould I carry out a data capture project in house or outsource it?

There are many data gathering and scanning projects which can be turned into a data capture exercise either in the office using administration staff or externally via a professional data capture service company. Collecting customer or staff feedback via an evaluation survey or questionnaire are generally big projects for most of these organisations. Let's take a look at the main factors to consider when deciding whether to process these surveys in-house or outsource them to a specialist survey scanning and data capture company.

Volume of Data to Capture

The volume of the surveys you expect to be returned is one of the primary areas which can help you to decide the best way to complete a full data capture exercise for all of the information returned. For example, if you send 200 surveys out to customers and received 50 back then it would be most economical to enter these manually in-house because the time spent on that would be very brief and it would not affect your resources too much.survey-girl

In contrast, if you were looking to receive around 500 plus of the completed surveys back then it would be expensive and an inefficient use of resources to have members of staff manually entering the information into a spreadsheet or a database. If this is outsourced to a survey scanning and data capture company it is very likely to be completed in half of the time due to the technology used and the experience of their staff which would result in less cost.

Type of Forms to be Captured

Entering tick box questions (closed multiple-choice) results into a spreadsheet format is usually one of the quicker responses to process and if it was just a handful of these forms with 1-2 pages that would be fine to do in the office.

If there are more than 2 pages then it becomes a bit of a time and cost issue to input. If there are open question answers such as text boxes and feedback notes to be processed as written answers then it becomes a much larger task. Data Capture specialists such as Pearl Scan Solutions have intelligent data capture systems that scan over these results and can put them into any required format.

File Format and Layout

Exporting the data into internal databases might sometimes prove tricky if that particular member of staff has not dealt with converting and exporting file formats and layouts before. Usually a survey data capture bureau will have great experience in converting file formats or exporting to spreadsheet files, CSV, XML file, text files and many other file formats.

These are the key points worth considering when deciding how to process results from a recent survey or questionnaire because the wrong choice could cost more than you expect or take too long to process overall compared to the goal of having accurate data at the end.

If you would like some more information on the data capture and data entry services we offer here at Pearl Scan and how they can help your company, get in touch today.