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Store to scan takes the hassle out of scanning

We know that many businesses have large amounts of physical document in their archive with HR records, finance files, letters, invoices, legal files and more taking up valuable time, space and money in traditional storage systems. When deciding to store these files digitally, in order to enable a paperless office, it can be confusing to know where to begin. At Pearl Scan, we offer a wide range of document scanning and digital document management services to help to make this easier, and there is one solution that is perfect for businesses with large, historic archives…

One of our most innovative and useful solutions is our unique ‘store to scan’ service, created to take the hassle out of large volume document scanning. Here, we have combined our secure document storage and shredding services with our flagship document scanning solutions to create a time lapsed service that solves the problem of document scanning and document management, simultaneously. This forward thinking service saves our customers with large scanning projects time and money, while taking care of the organisation of their documents for them.

National collection and secure storage

We can collect your data from your office or from your external storage provider, capable of retrieving your physical documents from anywhere in the UK. All of your documents are then placed in our secure document storage facility, where they are filed and archived according to date.

Spreading the cost of scanning

For example, if a business has been storing files since 2009, but we are now in the year 2016, we will start by scanning and digitising the recent files from 2016 while the expired 2009 documents based on the client typical 6 years retention period, are shredded securely. Each year. We will continue to destruct the oldest files we have in storage, while scanning the latest files. Within the space of three years, your most current three years worth of data will have been scanned and digitised while the oldest three years of files will have been safely destroyed. With store to scan, the total cost of storage is eliminated, as we keep your files for free, while the cost of scanning is spread across the three years.

Access to digital data

The data that is captured from the three most recent years of documents is presented to our customers on either a CD format, or it can be given to them via our cloud storage platform. Using this digital documentation, businesses can easily access data that was stored in their huge archive of files at the click of a button.

To learn more about the innovative store to scan service, head to the dedicated webpage, or speak to a member of our team today.

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