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Stop Cutting Staff, Start Cutting Paper

banner-document-managementStop Cutting Staff, Start Cutting Paper

Before you start looking for the scissors, by cutting paper I am talking about converting paper to digital format and reducing paper usage by utilising a digital document management system. Phew! That was a bit of a mouthful so let me explain.

At the moment, you can't look at the news without seeing stories about more and more government cuts and the public sector is just where we are hearing about. There are plenty of other independent businesses who have had to cut staff and funding due to the post-recession economy. Losing staff seems to be an extreme solution and one that is regrettable for most companies.

We have one possible solution that could save some much needed money which could help companies avoid cutting staff numbers. Document scanning and management solutions have proven cost saving advantages. Here we will look at the ways in which your money can be saved.


Once your documents have been scanned to a digital format (ranging from PDF, Word and Excel to CSV and XML), there is no need for you to keep storing the paper documents, especially if they are taking up a lot of space in your office. They may even be taking up a whole office! Once they have been disposed of, you can use that office more efficiently or even rent the space out. Most paper is unnecessary and the more paper you can cut, the more space you can free up in your office.


Once you have fully digital copies of your documents, they can be shared via email or online platforms reducing the need to print everything out. By printing less, you save money from paper, ink and even the electricity needed to power the printers. Plus, when you have a digital document management system in place, you can ensure all documents that come in are scanned to the system so, when they are needed, they can be digitally shared and not printed.


With the new-found ease at which you will all be able to access documents, office efficiency will increase. More work will be completed with less time needed to search for important documents. You don't need telling that an efficient business is attractive to clients and other businesses. Increased efficiency can result in higher staff morale more business opportunities.

Outsourcing Your Document Scanning Services

You may feel that outsourcing your document scanning services is an unnecessary cost, especially when we are talking about saving money here, but in some ways, you could actually save money. You won't have to hire a member of staff to do the scanning for you. They may not be trained in document scanning or have the equipment to do a good job so it could also take much longer than it has to. Document scanning services, like us here at Pearl Scan, have experienced staff and state of the art equipment, meaning your documents can be scanned in no time. In terms of actual costs, documents can be scanned for as little as 1p a sheet. Compared with the costs of printing and storing the paper documents, this is pittance.

We know cutting staff is usually a last resort for a lot of businesses and they will usually try and find other ways to cut costs first. Scanning files may not have been one you have come across yet. If we can help a business save those extra costs to stop it from going under or just to get some extra profits at the end of the year then we will. For a free, no obligation quote call us today.

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