Still Taking Large Drawings and Plans on Site? Why?

March 8th, 2016

Still Taking Large Drawings and Plans on Site? Why?

Gone are the days that large drawings, schematics, or plans couldn’t be easily or effectively scanned. Now, professional services like Pearl Scan are able to scan even the most unwieldy of documents, digitising them for your convenience and the convenience of your employees. Here’s why you should take advantage of this technological innovation.

It’s more cost effective

Digital information is nearly always less costly to maintain than its paper counterparts. That’s particularly true when one is speaking of large format documents. 

Large format documents are often very costly to print. They must be stored very particularly, as well, depending upon the industry. And of course, their size means that they must necessarily take up a lot of storage space. When you digitise your large format documents, you can avoid all of these expenses in the future.

Ease of access and increased productivity

large format scanningIf your digital documents are stored in the cloud, you’ll be able to access your large format scans from nearly anywhere using a variety of different devices. Or, if you prefer, your documents can be loaded onto specific devices in advance. In either case, your employees’ ability to access the large format documents they need to do their jobs will be much improved.

Ever driven to a site and realized you’ve brought the wrong plans, or realised while on site that you need additional documents? Instead of having to turn around and drive all the way back to the office, or set up another meeting in the future, you could avoid this situation entirely if your large format documents are available digitally.

Or, perhaps you’ve need a particular set of plans from the past and find it only to discover that the hardcopy has become mouldy or otherwise unreadable. Digital documents don’t suffer from these disadvantages, and they can be backed up in multiple locations to ensure that they’ll be available for as long as you want to have them stored.

You’ll find that your large format documents are also far easier to share with clients and colleagues. Instead of using a courier service or the mail, you can simply and easily email documents or share them via online collaboration services.

Taking your organisation into a digital future

Digital technology is becoming more sophisticated and increasingly common in all aspects of industry. Taking the steps today to ensure your company is ready for a digital future can lend your organisation a competitive edge.