Solutions to Public Sector Cuts

February 17th, 2017

Document Scanning and Digital Management Can Help Public Sector Cuts

Here in the UK, it seems that every day we are hearing about more cuts being brought in by the government. These cuts affect public sector organisations such as councils, hospitals and doctors and other services that are simply needed on a daily basis. Councils and other organisations across the nation are scrambling to figure out ways money could be better spent or not spent at all as the case may be and this has been ongoing for what seems like forever now.

Just recently, public sector workers have taken to the picket lines over poor pay rates compared with the price of living as a result of cuts to the public sector.

We can’t help but think there must be a better way than, what is essentially, punishing the areas that are needed the most in a country that has already suffered a recession and increasingly high unemployment. One of the services we offer here could be of great use to agencies in the public sector and could not only cut costs in an ethical way, but also improve the way their departments work.

Some councils here in the UK have already started to use document scanning and digital document management, but for those who haven’t already, it could be one of the money savers that they’ve been looking for and not just over a long period but in the short term too. Plus, it’s not just about saving money but also about trying to offer services that continue to work despite the seemingly continuous reductions in budgets which, as you can imagine, can be virtually impossible.

Document scanning and digital document management can help in a big way.

Document management is one of those areas that, bizarrely, isn’t always looked at as an area where money can be saved, but it’s an integral part of so many of these organisations, especially councils, that needs to be focused on. When you’re dealing with a standard document management system, you’re wasting time. This is because you have to spend time going through cabinets in search of files and documents and even when the system is well organised, which is rare, it’s still not ideal. As people we can be messy, there’s no argument against that, but a misplaced document or ten can be a massive headache not just for a single member of staff, but potentially the whole organisation. More time is being spent finding something that can easily be there, right in front of you, almost instantly.

The basic idea of digital document management is to make your documents available digitally, based on your computer systems via a shared network or hosted securely online. This is achieved through document scanning, usually done through a professional company, to reduce the bulk of the paper documents and convert them to digital format before being placed into the digital document management system.

So how does this save money? Well, for a start, as we all know, time is money. Time spent searching for relevant files and documents can be cut dramatically as specific data can be typed into a computer, whether it be a reference number or a name, and the documents should pop up right in front of you. This is all thanks to OCR scanning and means less time searching through cabinets and more time spent on important and necessary work. This can also cut out the costs of any documents being stored off-site for a monthly charge, as all files can be digitised and accessed at any time, saving potentially thousands each and every month.

Councils and other public sector companies could seriously benefit from a system like this. It won’t suddenly transform the industry into a money making wonder but it can bring tons of benefits which could prevent the need for further cuts as well as improving the processes of each of the organisations involved.

Document scanning and digital management has been around for a while, but is needed now more than ever before. If you’re interested in finding out more about how¬†scanning documents can help your company or organisation save money and improve your workflow, get in touch today or click through to our site and articles. For a free, no obligation, quote for your scanning project, complete our online form by following the relevant links below.

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