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Should you outsource your document scanning?

Should you outsource your document scanning?

Companies across the world are using document scanning solutions to help them reduce the amount of paper they use on a daily basis for a number of different reasons. Some want to free up space in their office that is currently consumed by huge piles of paper. Others are looking to find a way to easily locate historic documentation; even with the most organised filing cabinets or archiving system, finding specific paper files can be very time confusing. Finally, when scanning a document to PDF it is preserved digitally forever and will not deteriorate, get lost or get damaged as a paper file will.

Whatever your reason is for looking to implement a document scanning strategy, you are faced with a decision to make. Should you invest in the appropriate equipment to scan and store files digitally in-house, or should you outsource your document scanning solutions to an expert provider?

In-house document scanning

Some choose to keep their document scanning in-house to try and keep costs down, or because they are concerned about the privacy of their sensitive data. By going down this route you will need to invest in proper infrastructure set up and training, as well as maintaining this new system you have implemented continuously. Going down this route can result in high costs, as well as time spent on training staff up to a high enough level so they are able to cope with the specialised task of managing a document scanning system.


Outsourcing scanning services

Outsourcing your scanning services to an expert company means that you can experience the benefits of document scanning immediately, without the need for lengthy and costly set-ups in-house. Allowing another company to store your documents in a digital format will ensure that you are left with a high quality end product. Because external document scanning companies are experts in their field, they will also be able to apply additional extras such as indexing, categorisation, and OCR, leaving you with a much more useful digital data base. Many companies offer an end-to-end solution, meaning they will take care of properly disposing of your paper documentation once it has been scanned, ridding your office free of clutter for good!

Although at first it may be tempting to think about setting up a scanning system in-house, outsourcing this task to knowledgeable experts can ultimately save you time and money in the long run, as well as giving you better quality digital files. 

Whether you have a large, on-going scanning requirement, or need a small ‘scan on demand’ service, contact the Pearl Scan Group today where we will be happy to help you with all your document scanning solutions.  

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